Mashed Potatoes

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el.diablo, Mar 19, 1:41am
Given that mashed potatoes are like my ultimate comfort food, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what can be added to them to make them more "interesting." I've tried the standards (with butter/milk) like salt n pepper, cheese, onions, and even added a few teaspoons of wholegrain mustard the other day and was really good. Does anyone have any other suggestions for mashed potato flavouring! Cheers!

blou, Mar 19, 1:45am
We always had spring onions butter pepper salt and sometimes shredded cabbage not bad fried the next day from cold .

pericles, Mar 19, 1:45am
put potatoe in the search, heaps come up

elliehen, Mar 19, 2:10am
wasabi.especially good for someone named el diablo ;)

lurtz, Mar 19, 2:19am
I am going to give this a try.

I start with a good mashing potato, and when cooked and still hot,I add warm milk, butter, salt and pepper, and mash well. Sometimes I addfinely grated Parmesan, and/or finely chopped parsley, or chives. If I am
mashing to stuff back into potatoes I have baked, I often add an egg when mashing, and top the baked potato with a cheese lid.The egg adds a bit of oomph, and puffs up the filling a little.

twindizzy, Mar 19, 2:22am
+1 for wasabi

pheebs1, Mar 19, 2:23am

karenz, Mar 19, 2:40am
Using good quality olive oil instead of butter and milk, add a pinch of sea salt while mashing.Also nice with hot cooked, cubed beetroot tossed in Balsamic Vinegar swirled through like Boysenberry ripple (not mixed in so it becomes all pink.Sour cream and crumbled crispy cooked streaky bacon is also lovely, you can use milk and butter instead of the sour cream if you don't have any.

donna_jo29, Mar 19, 2:54am
i use a electric beater

lythande1, Mar 19, 2:56am
Fry it in bacon fat till crispy on the outside.

cgvl, Mar 19, 2:58am
sour cream, cream cheese, garlic, kumara.
My favourite is Kumara and potato mashed together with garlic, sour cream, salt and pepper. Pile it into an oven proof dish (pile it in, don't be tempted to smooth it) cover with grated cheese and a sprinkle of paprika and under the grill to melt cheese.

el.diablo, Mar 19, 3:06am
Thanks! These are all really good suggestions! Oh and lurtz, I once tried boiling eggs in with the mashed potatoes to save on washing an extra pot and energy costs and one of the eggs cracked and hardboiled egg ran all through it. It actually turned out really good mashed with little bits of egg in there! :D

horizons_, Mar 19, 3:41am
Add your favourite relish or chutney. Capsiucm. Celery.

lurtz, Mar 19, 3:51am
Mashed potato has always been a great favourite of mine too.Supercomfort food!And yes, I have also boiled eggs with potatoes; especially when I was a student. In fact mashed potatoes with cooked chopped egg is delicious. Thanks for reminding me:-)Mmmm

roshu, Mar 19, 4:05am
Hot diced, fried onion and grated cheese is still my fave.

roshu, Mar 19, 4:07am
Oh, and Masterfoods Garlic and Herb salt is yummy in the mash.

lurtz, Mar 19, 4:09am
Roughly how much Wasabi Elliehen!I'm keen to try this.

recycle_me, Mar 19, 4:20am
Try cooking the potatoes in chicken stock for a real restaurant quality mash.

I also sweat onions and garlic (lots, lots of both) in a big amount of butter for about 10mins or more, till they are all soft and gooey.Then when the potatoes are drained, add the butter/garlic/onion to it and then mash, wth plenty of salt and pepper

carriebradshaw, Mar 19, 4:28am
I put diced onion,parsley,butter,warm milk, salt and white pepper.I either put mine through potato ricer or do them with the kitchenaid mixer.

gasman64, Mar 19, 4:31am
I add chopped onion, garlic,butter and lots of grated cheese, and greggs mixed herbs as well as lots of pepper and some salt and milk of course. Depends on how course I want it. Sometimes I leave the peel on. My mom used to add nutmeg.

chatterbox911, Mar 19, 5:19am
alfa one garlic aioli! YUMMY! also works well in a potato salad

pp11, Mar 19, 5:23am
My mouth is watering, i haven't eaten dinner yet and now all I want is mash!

elliehen, Mar 19, 5:30am
I don't really measure it but start with a little (half a teaspoon maybe!) and taste as I go, according to the quantity of potato.

I first tried it several years ago after watching a movie set in California where two bachelors (groom and Best Man) were sowing their wild oats visiting wineries before the big day.There was a scene in a cafe where they ordered wasabi mashed potato, so I thought it was worth a try.The family, who all enjoy hot and spicy, loved it :)

lurtz, Mar 19, 6:25am
Thanks elliehen. I am keen to try this.

jaymar, Mar 19, 6:39am
try putting some kiwi bacon and cheese dip in or any other dip, yummy