Uses for left-over mashed potato

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carter441, Aug 18, 6:19am
I have been making alot of stuffed potatoes lately and always have leftover mashed potato - any suggestions for using this up! (the scooped out potato that is leftover has no additions to it).

rainrain1, Aug 18, 6:24am
Potato Blocks

1 egg
1 Tblsp chopped parsley
pepper and salt to taste
2 cups mashed potato
1/2 cup flour
Add egg, parsley, pepper and salt to mashed potato. Then add enough flour to make mixture firm. Press out on a floured board like scone mixture. Cut into blocks. Fry both sides till crisp

carter441, Aug 18, 6:26am
Why thank you "rainrain1" what a great idea!

dibble35, Aug 18, 6:30am
I made some potato patties/fritters the other night, was beautiful. Had left over mashed potato,peas and corn, left over finely chopped roast mutton and bit of gravy, bit of stock powder. Mixed all up with a bit of flour(didnt have any eggs), shaped into patties coated in flour and then fried them up.was really surprised how good they tasted, all from leftovers. oh and chucked some cream cheese in as well just cause i had some that needed using up.

carter441, Aug 18, 6:42am
Marvellous "dibble35".I often have left over roast meat and gravy - I'll be trying this too!

cookessentials, Aug 18, 6:43am
I have a nice potato chocolate cake recipe if you would like it!

cookessentials, Aug 18, 6:45am
I have bumped the "Potatoes" thread for you. There are a few recipes there using mashed potato.

carter441, Aug 18, 6:48am
Potato chocolate cake recipe!Fascinating!Thanks "cookessentials"!Forgive me, but I'm really not sure what you mean by "bumped the thread"!!Giggles.

biggles45, Aug 18, 7:35am
Bubble and squeak is good for using up left over potato, or add to soups as a thickener.

kay141, Aug 18, 7:39am
As I'm on my own, I cook a potful of potato, mash it and then freezein blobs or meal size portions. When I want to use it, the blobs go in a hot oven and are Duchess Potatoes. The meal sized portions go into a dish, dotted with butter and heated in the microwave or oven.

pp11, Aug 18, 7:51am
Tuna or salmon cakes. I often make too much mash so I can do these the next day, it doesn't work aswell with freshly mashed.

Tin of salmon, left over mash, spring onion or onion, chicken stock cube, salt or garlic salt & pepper, an egg, breadcrumbs.

Really tasty with sweet chilli sauce and a nice fresh salad. You can do large ones for dinner or mini ones for lunch or a snack (which my kids love).

I also sometimes use up some leftover mash in a fritata, it bulks it out :)

cookessentials, Aug 18, 9:06am
when you bump up a thread, you post on it so that it somes up at the beginning on page one. You should be able to see it on this first page.

mwood, Aug 18, 10:26am
Make Gnocchi and then give them a NZ twist by smothering them in gravy !

sarahb5, Aug 18, 10:52am
Bubble and squeak would be my choice - I made mine last week with potato, leek, spinach and some leftover pumpkin as well.But I'm curious as to why you have leftover potato anyway - when I make stuffed potatoes I add the extra fillings to the potato and stuff all the mixture back into the skins even though it means they overflow a bit

kiwibubbles, Aug 18, 10:56am
i just pop it in a frying pan and fry it until it has plenty of crispy bits throughout it - oooh so good! lol

kaddiew, Aug 18, 11:03am
Same here. And although it probably sounds gross, I then pile it onto toast spread with vegemite.Have done that since i was a kid.

sarahb5, Aug 18, 11:06am
Yes that does sound a bit gross but no worse than the mashed potato and brown sauce sandwiches my husband, son and mother would make with it!

raebea, Aug 18, 12:07pm
Potato puffs,
I do almost the same as dibble's recipe but add enough milk to make the mixture faily wet- not runny -then add flour -at the rate of 1 cup of flour & 2 teaspoons of baking powder,until it is back to a soft scone mixture,, drop dessertspoons full in deep hot oil ,they soon pop up to the top -turn over when brown to brown the 2ndside, these are so nice. I haven't put the meat in them so far, they are good without.enjoy.

dibble35, Aug 19, 4:28am
yummy. deep fried mashed potato. whats not to like :-)

popeye333, Aug 19, 5:41am
I have a recipe somewhere for sally lunn that has mashed potato in. Will look for you tomorrow

beaker59, Aug 19, 6:20am
Me too with lots of butter :)

retired, Aug 19, 6:43am
If I have any left over I usually make mounds using my ice cream scoop, sometimes I add grated cheese.Put on non stick paper, brush with oil and into a hot oven.Goes well with a steak and peas.

ridgeline, Aug 19, 7:54am
we will fry left over mashed potato with either a little grated cheese or chopped onion, bacon etc for a bit of a breakfast flavour.

funshop72, Aug 19, 8:17am
potato boston bun
1 cup warm mashed potato
1 cup sugar
2 cups self raising flour
1 cup milk
1 cup mixed fruit
pre heat oven 180 degree,grease and line a 18 cm round tin.
mix all ingredients together for about 2 minutes.
pour into prepared tin
bake for 40-50 minutes
once cold can beiced with a yummy pink butter icing
and sprinkled with coconut,kick back with a cup of tea and enjoy

duckmoon, Aug 19, 8:29am
Fish pie
Shepherds pie
Salmon cakes