mackenzie2, Apr 13, 1:33am
AGRIA potatos make the best mashed spud. I add cold water and salt to my chopped peeled spuds, then boil till soft, I leave them for 5 mins before draining water out, I then give a good mash when most of the lumps are out, I add 2 TBSP butter mash again, then add milk mash and whip. Never had any come back !

rainrain1, Apr 13, 1:39am
Hee hee. I'm liking this idea

valentino, Apr 13, 4:19am
An other thing I like with a nice mashed potato is freshly made hot or warm apple sauce all mashed up or blended and served with mashed potatoes, fresh baby peas and a nice pork like Pork Loin Chops or a rolled pork.

Absolutely made in heaven when putting apple sauce all over everything.


coconutbuns, Apr 13, 5:49pm
always make sure potatoes are cooked to thoroughly soft, no hard bits. Add your butter, salt to taste and pepper, then I mash like a maniac lol. Test taste with a teaspoon to see if all lumps are removed, this is what makes mash yum, that + also enough salt + pepper, then when all lumps are gone, I add minimal milk to "smooth out" the mash, try 1/4 cup milk until you have the consistency you desire, or if you have it, add cream instead of milk for yummier flavour. sometimes I put in a flat dish, add grated cheese + grill quickly till cheese melts. everyone loves my mash. hope this helps.

newtec1, Apr 14, 10:08pm
She only wanted to know how to mash spuds,not an introduction to your latest cooking book.Any tips ?

kindajojo, Apr 14, 10:24pm
Boil, and drain,,put back on the stove on low to steam off the excess water. a minute or too, the add milk, and butter a good kmob of butter and let the milk heat up and the butter melt.
I beat them with a hand beater until fluffy, dont over mash or they lose the structure.
First off you need to chose good potatoes . agria , moonlight. you cna get good mashed spuds out of rubbish spuds.

jofes, Apr 17, 9:58pm
Put half a teaspoon of baking powder in them and the beat them with a fork. Very fluffy and light

lindanz, Apr 20, 10:16am
Buy a potato ricer ! Beaut mashies

nauru, Apr 27, 7:47am
It's always good to share ideas with others and OP did ask for recipes.

duckmoon, Apr 27, 8:21am
never a blender. the most they are mashed, the more gluten is released, the more it becomes the texture of glue.
Less mashing rather than more (and never with a blender)

davidt4, Apr 27, 8:40am
There is no gluten in potatoes. The reason that over-beaten potatoes turn gluey is that too much starch has been released.

karlymouse, Apr 27, 11:54am
Sounds interesting. will give it a go. :)

norse_westie, Apr 27, 8:31pm
Make sure you get the right potatoes to start with. Personally I adore finely cubed onion in my mashed spuds, but the kids don't. I do put a good handful of grated cheese in also - very nice. And plenty of butter of course.

pugswal, Sep 29, 4:43pm
Use hot milk, not cold.