Freezing mashed potatoes?

fey, Feb 5, 1:47am
Any tips!I am refilling my freezer for the oncoming winter, with things like soups, stews etc.But haven't tried to freeze mashed potatoes before.

lilyfield, Feb 5, 1:51am
Have done, made into cakes with herbs etc added. Fry up from frozen, no problems.

geldof, Feb 5, 2:15am
Yes, works well.

fey, Feb 5, 2:18am
Thank you both.

mwood, Feb 5, 6:12am
go the extra mile and make them into Gnocchi first

chooky, Feb 5, 6:45am
My eldery mum buys the frozen mashed spuds (pams), They come in a pellet form and she just takes out 10 pellets, microwaves and all good. At first I thought oh yuk. Then I brought a bag and made up a lot of little sheperds pies and smoked fish piesand put in freezer and the mashed spuds tastes all good.

blackbriar, Feb 8, 4:32am
May be a silly question as I haven't used the frozen mashed potatoes, but did you cook them before you put them on the shepherds/fish pies or did you freeze the pies and then put the frozen spuds on top when you where heating them up!

mwood, Feb 8, 5:29am
*runs away crying*

chooky, Mar 10, 11:12am
Make the pies, add the cooked mashed spuds, cheese and then freeze them.

libra29, Mar 10, 12:06pm
Did you refreeze the potato!, thought that was a no no

lx4000, Mar 10, 7:49pm
I have made stews and mince etc, added mashed spuds (just made) to the top and froozen. Just before putting in the oven, I have added grated cheese. No problems at all. So go for it :)

rarogal, Mar 10, 10:29pm
Yes I use these also, and that brand is the best. I don't eat potatoes, but I get these for hubby and he loves them. I also just put a friend onto them, whose hubby has had cancer of the mouth and can only eat sloppy foods, she was so grateful as it is not something she would normally buy.