Pot luck dinner. Have lots of potatoes

helen490, Sep 21, 2:02am
what should i make??

coniproducts, Sep 21, 3:24am
Scalloped potatoe:layer thinly sliced spuds with sliced onions.Pour over a bottle of cream and bake.Always goes down a treat.

mallee, Sep 21, 3:29am
Yep coniproducts is correct, I always put grated tasty cheese between layers of potatoe and onions, and top it with cheese, it's yum.

jorjiasmum, Sep 21, 3:34am
Or you could make little rosti things. Make up lots of mashed potato, let it go cold, add whatever flavourings you want and roll in breadcrumbs. Then just brown them up and heat them through either in the frypan or in the oven. I've made them quite often for pot lucks and things

lizab, Sep 21, 4:25am
jacket potatoes or a big roasting dish of wedges maybe?

toadfish, Sep 21, 8:50am
Oakhill Potatoes

Oakhill Potatoes
5 x med potatoes,cooked and diced.
1/2 tsp salt
3 x TBS butter
2 x TBS flour
2 x c milk

Make a white sauce,cooking the flour well.

Combine the cold potatoes,2 x hard boiled eggs,a small finely chopped onion, 2 x rashers of cooked bacon and salt and pepper.Add white sauce and mix to combine,and turn into a greased oven dish.

Melt 1 x TBS butter and combine with 1/2 c breadcrumbs and sprinkle over the potatoes.

Bake at 180C for about 30mins.

samsara11, Sep 21, 9:41am
Chop up potatoes, toss in oil and then in breadcrumbs and sage.Bake until crisp turning frequently.

rosielee3, Sep 21, 9:43am
warm potato and bacon salad?

aktow, Sep 21, 2:46pm
boiled potato then cut in half.add milk and cream that has a lot of mustard,,, seeded or american,,, salt and pepper.the milk should be half way up the bowl ,, sprinkle lots of grated cheese over the potato..cook another 40-60 minutes..can be made up 24 hours in advanced..

momma1, Apr 7, 11:50pm
make samosa's....all you need is peas, onions, potatoes and some spices. then make simple pastry of flour, water and oil. make little circles of pastry by rolling, cut in half turn into a cone fill with mix and seal top....fry. take to pot luck and heat in microwave, serve with raita