gerry64, Sep 13, 6:11am
Do I need to boil the potatoes first to get them to be really crunchie

juliewn, Sep 13, 8:17am
Hi.. you could.. and could also then coat them in a little flour (seasoned if you want) to help them be crunchy..

antoniab, Sep 13, 8:32am
Where do you get your duck fat from!? We have been looking everywhere for it after having lived in London and all the supermarkets stock it in jars :)

sam1670, Sep 13, 8:55am
New World Chaffers in Wellington has it in pottles at the meat counter

davidt4, Sep 13, 10:06am
Roast a duck and save the fat.A duck will give you about a cupful.

angie461, Sep 13, 10:12am
Traiteurs in merivale chch sell it.

gerry64, Sep 13, 10:44pm
I am living in Bathurst and it is available in the super market - the vegies are fresh and cheap here but the potatoes are awful - have not been able to find a dry roasting spud so thought I would try the duck fat - strawberries are stunning - $1.48 for 2 punnets

cookessentials, Sep 14, 1:54am
Lafitte duck fat $11.20 for a 350g tin or Rougie goose fat, the ferrari of fats. Goose fat is low on those artery clogging attributes, has a high burn point and tastes great. Less earthy than duck fat. It's all good! Great for confits or simply substitute for butter when sauteeing or roasting.$11.90 for 320g jar.

fey, Sep 14, 3:03am
You can order it from gourmetdirect over the internet.I have tried theirs, its very good.

tailz1, Sep 14, 3:09am
Sounds quack-a-licious :)

lythande1, Sep 14, 3:13am
Mmm. Prefer bacon fat.

loren8, Sep 14, 3:24am
yum sound nice, will have a look and see if I can find some :)

gerry64, Sep 14, 3:29am
I bought it for $3.85 for 350gm- on the side of the container says to strain and reuse - so will give it a go - have seen James Martin using it on TV but this is the first time I have noticed it in the supermarket chiller

evorotorua, Sep 14, 5:14am
Well I use chicken fat. Is it similar? I love potatoes using chicken fat. I render down the skin when I get chicken breasts or I use the fat that comes off the roast chicken. Makes the best crunchy potatoes.

davidt4, Sep 14, 5:26am
Duck fat is even better, and goose fat is even better than that.

evorotorua, Sep 14, 5:28am
I find it so funny when I tell people what I do. They look at me in horror but the potatoes are so much nicer. Must keep an eye out for duck fat then...maybe even goose fat! (BTW I par boil the potatoes first.)

kirinesha, Sep 14, 5:51am
Nosh sell duck fat too.

beaker59, Sep 14, 6:22am
I like chicken fat too and do the same all skin gets saved and rendered down I also keep all lard from roast meat but most particularly Duck fat unfortunately a rare event.

gerry64, Sep 14, 11:22am
The potatoes were delicious - par boiled the potatoes and scuffed them in colander - heated duck fat - stunning - would be even better using agria -

obi1kenobi10, Sep 14, 3:58pm
sounds delish - im dying for some right now

evorotorua, Sep 14, 6:38pm
I'm glad gerry64. I am keen to try duck fat too. When my son has a busy weekend I put a bunch of potaotes in the slow cooker with some chicken fat (not a lot but to coat the potatoes), salt and pepper and leave for about three hours. They aren't crunchy but steamed all the way through and delicious according to him and his mates (16 & 17 year olds) They go a long way when you have a bunch of teens around. I just put the whole slow cooker pot in front of them and they disappear!

gerry64, Mar 19, 12:14pm
thats a really good idea evo - thats one thing about the spuds in duck roast - you need to eat them straight away