Duck Eggs?

poppysinger2, Jul 7, 9:42am
Saw some for sale at my local freerange chicken roadside stall , but wondering what do they taste like and do you use them like chicken eggs?

lx4000, Jul 7, 9:58am
They have a stronger egg taste! lol And yip, use them the same way:)


elliehen, Jul 7, 10:40am
Some people suggest using them for baking only because they can carry the risk of salmonella.

pickles7, Jul 7, 10:44am
My Dad ate them like hens eggs but I remember him saying they needed to be, well cooked.

poppysinger2, Jul 7, 10:48am
Thank you !

cookessentials, Jul 7, 7:13pm
Fabulous for a sponge.

antoniab, Jul 7, 10:30pm
Yeah I only use them in baking - have tried them fried/poached etc for brekkie when we used to keep ducks but the white is a lot thicker and more rubbery.

cookessentials, Oct 8, 9:03pm
I found when using them in a sponge that it was very high and light and a very rich yellow colour.