I'm getting a wild duck!

rog.e, May 1, 12:15am
Just for me! So only need one.

My kids have had the best opening morning for many a year. Lucky to have a private pond.

I will stuff it with sage and oion and parsley and thyme and orange slices.

The I'll roast it to perfection.

The bones and pickingsI will make Game Soup with.

Delicious, rare food.

(hopes no-one pricks my buble)


eastie3, May 1, 12:21am
Good for you, I hope you enjoy every morsel !

libby51, May 1, 12:22am

indy95, May 1, 2:15am
That sounds absolutely delicious. Enjoy your dinner !

fifie, May 1, 3:20am
Mmmm sounds Yummy, Lucky you. . Enjoy ! !

bin-boy-lin, May 1, 4:47am
I miss my game meals at this time of the year, even puks & rabbits would be a welcoming sight these days.

rog.e, May 1, 6:44am
Sorry to read that you miss game bin-boy-lin.

This is my first for so many years.
As a child I grew up eating ducks, pukeko, pheasant and one or two rabbits and venison. But for so very long a time had none.
It is a taste one never forgets.


bin-boy-lin, May 1, 6:50am
Yes our hunting goes back to my great grandfather, passing the skills down from generation to generation. Now it has come to anend as I am to old now, but I can still dream and almost taste the flavour each year.

beaker59, May 1, 9:41am
I have always been a rifle hunter and only recently got a smooth bore hoping to get a duck or two this year at some stage. Trouble is don't know much about it and don't know anyone who can start me off but next weekend I'll get a licence and go find out :)

rog.e, May 1, 9:56am
All the best for your new adventure beaker. Six weeks (i think) to achieve your aim of a duck or two. Would the place you get the licence know anyone who can show you the ropes I wonder? Or can they point you to a reasonable area to shoot in.

chooky, May 1, 11:18am
We had our traditonal roast ducks tonight. We always have it opening weekend on saturday night. Never failed in 10 yrs. Roast ducks, roast veges, stuffing, lots of gravy - yummy. Then of to bed early so they can get up early to shoot again tomorrow.

rog.e, May 7, 11:09pm
beaker59 is off looking for ducks this weekend if all has gone to plan.

Hoping he will check in here afterwards.


rog.e, May 7, 11:19pm
I bought a grinder of Mrs Rogers 'Wild Game' plusherbs and spices.

Smoked Sea Salt, Juniper Berries, Smoked Kelp, Sea Letuce and some herbs and spices not named.

It says I can use it on all sorts of foods. Will be interesting. Can choose fine, medium or coarse ground. Will be using on my duck when it finally gets here and also in venison sausage casserole and other dishes.

andrea1978, May 8, 12:20am
yum duck! enjoy :)

beaker59, May 8, 1:59am
Unfortuneatly probably not this weekend again maybe next. Gotta stay close to home for work reasons.

rog.e, Apr 11, 11:05am
Oh never mind beaker59 - work comes first. One day soon you will be out there. V