Duck salami?

rodg.sue, May 13, 4:22am
My son has a project for school where they have to come up with a product, create itand market it, the group of boys are all keen hunters and decided theyd like to do duck salami! ! ! weve tried ringing a couple of butchers but one has said it will take 30-40 for one roll? ? ? does anybody have another opinion? or other suggestions will be most welcome TIA

nik12, May 13, 5:00am
Did you ring woodlands butcher? They make yummy duck salami - wouldn't have thought it would take that many breasts? !

hunter133, May 13, 5:14am
duck and venison with a bit of pork is nice and im a butcher by trade .
its not hard to make you just need a mincer and a sausage filler yo can buy a premix salami seasoning from any butchers suppler look in the yellow pages for one

2boysmum, May 13, 5:19am
We usually take in 150 ducks at a time and get three rolls of salami.

jaystarfish, May 13, 6:16am
I'd give the guys at BaseCamp salamis a ring (they are near Tauranga). Their phone number is 07-552 0013 and they should be able to give you all sorts of info on it... they do a mixed bird salami which is delish. Obviously you couldn't get it done by them but they would probably have contacts you could use. We get much of our wild meat done there... they are really helpful.

jaystarfish, May 13, 6:18am
I'd also get hold of the local gun club or hunting and fishing store who could put your boys in touch with other hunters who have a surplus of duck that they'd be happy to give away! !

bedazzledjewels, May 13, 6:19am
Duck salami sounds amazing!

nik12, May 13, 8:08am
Oh dear, might not be too much salami round this year? ! Opening day round here most were lucky to get two each!

rodg.sue, May 13, 8:35pm
LOL nik12! Your right my boys only got 4 for opening weekend! which is good for the ducks! Yes he rang woodlands butchery, but I just might make a follow up call, one of thebutchers he rang im sure thought it was a prank cos he sounds so young! lol poor kid. Will try the one up north to tho, he has a backup plan tho and thats stubbie holders with the Stags on it. You no the team that hold the Ranfurly Shield! LOL Many thanks for info have gr8 day

herika, May 13, 9:48pm
How did you get on?

sherrie, May 14, 8:25am
friends of ours make duck salami and they put sheep, ducks and paradise ducks into their mix. They only take the breasts off the ducks.

billybob57, May 16, 3:33am
Wow, how much for one salami? must be hugely expensive

nik12, May 16, 6:50am
Yay, go the Stags :-).
Don't think it's that expensive billybob, 'coz you've got to supply the ducks.

billybob57, May 11, 12:52pm
ohh , how much if ya dont lol, I was going by how much a duck costs in the supermarket, do the math and ouch , imagine what they could charge through a deli

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