Peeling potatoes before christmas

susan21, Dec 21, 6:42pm
I often peel my potatoes and leave them in water. To save time on Christmas day, I was going to peel my potatoes, pumpkin, kumera etc on christmas eve. I have since been told not to do them so early as they soak up water, does anyone know if thats the case

gardie, Dec 21, 6:44pm
I do mine on Christmas eve but then put them into a bag with oil for roasting.Water will leach out the goodness.

susan21, Dec 21, 6:58pm
Does the oil stop them going brown?

rainrain1, Dec 21, 7:06pm
your pumpkin would be ok kept in the fridge in a bag or bowl without water probably.I would (others would not) peel potato and kumera and leave them covered in water, just make sure you dry them off properly before will ever know except you and me.....happy xmas to you

lownslownz, Dec 21, 7:22pm
ive found if you use a real floury potato and leave it in water it still roasts okay, dont use those general purpose washed ones in the aqua coloured bag, they are watery enough as it is lol

susan21, Dec 21, 10:07pm
Great thanks for the advice!

cheese-mike, Dec 21, 10:17pm
i have to cook my potatoes (boil them) then roast them on the BBQ, could I boil them on Xmas eve?

kiwitrish, Dec 21, 11:03pm
I always use Delia Smith recipe for preparing roast vegies before hand.Can be done a quite a few days ahead.Just chop up your vegies, ie kumera, pumpkin, onions etc, place in a large zip lock bag.Add a few tablespoons oil and some mixed herbs. Close bag and give vegies a good shake so they are all coated in oil and herbs.Place in fridge until needed.Roast in oven.They always come out lovely.

rainrain1, Dec 21, 11:33pm
Abso-blimin-lutely!!Make sure you drain them properly after they are cooked though and keep them in the fridge :-)

cheese-mike, Dec 22, 12:34am
Great!!! that should make it a bit easier

marcs, Dec 22, 1:13am
Yes you can just make sure you drain the water after cooking. Not for christmas but I always slice left over potatos, kumra or pumpkin the next day, add a bit of olive oil and little salt to a pan and fry the slices. Kids love them. I do the same on the bbq. Besides par boiled potatos roasted is very nice in olive oil of course.

nauru, Dec 22, 6:38am
Thanks for that prepare in advance time saving tip.I will use that in future

loren8, Dec 2, 6:14pm
I reckon, that's me too :)