Trifle recipes for Christmas Day please

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coconutbuns, Dec 14, 11:17pm
With or without the booze

245sam, Dec 14, 11:31pm
coconutbuns, try doing a search here on this Trademe MB using trifle as the Keyword and Anytime as the Date posted option - there has been a considerable number of threads with questions, recipes, ideas and info' regarding trifles so you'll find plenty of options available for you to choose from.:-))

pickles7, Dec 15, 12:26am
I like to cut a sponge in half, spread on raspberry jam, and fill it will sliced of peaches, a few walnuts.Cut it into cubes, pile into a nice glass dish. Splash over a little fruit juice and ginger-ale to dampen it a little. Cover with a custard. Custard you make yourself, or from a carton, your call.Enjoy.

annable, Dec 15, 12:38am
Big Bowl...Big unfilled sponge ....Make up 2 or 3 different flavoured jelly's {I only put a cup and 1/2 of water, sets better } and let cool...Open 2 tins of fruit saladand drain ,pre make custard or use the carton one .....take some of the sponge and layer bottom of bowl ,break it up a bit if you like ....PourOnly some of one flavour jelly coating sponge in one corner {just enough to cover and soak },then repeat in middle different flavour,then last corner 3rd flavour or 1/2 and half of each flavour..

sprinkle over some of the fruit,top with custard and spread out and then repeat the layersstarting again with sponge until last layer is custardrefrigerate and add whipped cream and strawberry's or /kiwi fruit/peacheson top before serving

rosiedee, Dec 15, 2:11am
Place unfilled sponge in bowl, pour over 1 tin boysenberries then beat 1 instant pudding with 1 cup milk.When nearly set add to boysenberries.
Top with whipped cream.
this has been our families favourite for years.

flower-child01, Dec 15, 2:37am
I have the basic trifle, plus others at

coconutbuns, Dec 15, 3:18am
Thank you annable, now I know what to do!I will try this one, thank you so much 4 ur help

coconutbuns, Dec 15, 3:19am
Thank you so much everybody and I like ur website flowerchild!

annable, Dec 15, 3:51am
Your verywelcome :O) ..This is the one my mother taught me many years ago,I just don't add the sherry ..
I've already made 3 in the past 4 weeks Xmas functions and birthdays,and Have to make 2 for Xmas day one for here for lunch and one for sons that night for dinner,
apparently I am not allowed in the gate without one{BIG is Ordered}Ha ha ...

coconutbuns, Dec 15, 3:58am
Lol I bet they love ur trifle! That's exactly the one I was looking for annable. Just like the trifles our mums used to make. Thank you so much I appreciate that, have an awesome Christmas!

ams7, Dec 15, 8:34am
This is fantastic.

BERRY TRIFFLE (serves 8-10)

1 ½ Cups Jam
2/3 Cup Fresh Orange Juice
2 ½ Cups Cream
250g Mascarpone
¼ Cup Icing Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla Essence
¼ tsp Ground Cinnamon
250g Savoiardi Biscuits
1 ½ Cups Masala
400g Fresh Raspberries
250g Large fresh Strawberries
400g Fresh Blueberries

Melt jam in a small saucepan over medium heat.Remove from heat, stir in orange juice and set aside until the mixture reaches room temperature.Put the cream, mascarpone, icing sugar, vanilla essence and cinnamon in a bowl and beat until soft peaks form.Cut each biscuit in half crossways and dip each piece in the Masala.Arrange half over the base of a 3.25 Litre serving bowl.Sprinkle 1/3 of the combined berries over the biscuits and drizzle with half the remaining Marsala and 1/3 of the redcurrant sauce.Spoon half the cream mixture over the sauce.Repeat layering with the remaining half of the dipped biscuits and Marsala, 1/3 of the berries and sauce, and the remaining cream.Arrange the remaining berries over the cream in a mound in the centre of the bowl.Reserve the final 1/3 of the redcurrant sauce, cover and refrigerate.Cover the trifle with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.Before serving, pour the reserved redcurrant sauce over the berries to glaze.Gently reheat if too thick.

bappy, Dec 15, 11:03pm
Hi Annable

Why would you put the three jellies in three different corners?Or did I misunderstand?WOuld you do this even if you were doing it in a big flat dish?

kernal1, Dec 16, 9:31am
Rubarb triffle! Just cook up, add sponge, tip over a red jelly, top with custard and then cream on serving! Easy as and even those who turn their nose up at rubarb are converted!

suzieq1969, Dec 20, 8:03am
I gather you pour the jelly on once cooled but not set??

lynja, Dec 20, 8:26am
kernal1 that sounds delicious! think i will give that one a go, would be a nice change

laurenlee, Dec 20, 6:57pm
I buy a ready-made filled chocolate log,slice it and put it in a glass bowl with rasberries-tinned or frozen are fine.Add homemade blancmange,and fold it all together gently so the choc log stays in chunks.
Blancmange-1 egg yolk,2 tablespoons sugar and pint milk in saucepan,(pref double-boiler)stir all the time till starts to rise in pot then briskly stir in paste of cornflour and water till thick and creamy-this happens quickly.Then fold in beaten egg white so the custard is light and fluffy.
I also make it in individual serving dishes-one slice of choc log at bottom,and raspberries and blancmange over it.

rkcroft, Dec 20, 9:52pm
This is what I am doing this year.Not done it before so hopefully will turn out ok.Trifle sponge spread with lemon curd and drizzled with Lemoncello.Layered up with vanilla custard, strawberries & raspberries, topped with whipped cream and mascarpone.Then sprinkled with toasted almonds and crushed meringues.Don't like jelly so missing that out.

cassiusarmani, Dec 21, 1:29am
ginger and peaches

ginger kisses in bottom of disn then peaches. then green ginger wine. then custard. then whip cream and fold into cream dreamy lemon yogart and marshmellows then put on top sooooooooooooo yummy

rarogal, Dec 21, 3:18am
A few years ago I decided to try something different with trifles because my kids didnt like them.Now Im not allowed to make anything else but this:
Take a chocolate sponge and break into pieces, moisten with kahlua and/or boysenberry juice (from tin).Cover with lge tin of boysenberries. Cover that with a tub of whipped up (Tararua) choc mousse, cover with whipped cream and crumbled flake bar.I don't have a recipe as I made this up, but use anything you like.I did try chocolate instant pudding once, but it separated.

coconutbuns, Dec 30, 6:31pm
Hey Annabel my trifle was a huge success! thanks to your advice. Hope you had a good Christmas too :)

coconutbuns, Dec 30, 6:32pm
That sounds yum and good to make a trifle that is different! Thank you for your recipe I will definitely try it

coconutbuns, Dec 30, 6:33pm
It has to be set

coconutbuns, Dec 30, 6:34pm
Thankyou Rosie I am going to try this one as well!

devalois, Dec 31, 5:14am
I USE YOGHURT INSTEAD OF CREAM.. Being LActose Intolerant (milk, cream), flavoured yoghurt and a good quality Greek, (thick and creamy) to balance out the sweetness of the jellies. I too, make three different flavoured jellies with around 300mls boiling water and layer diced sponge spread with three-berry jam with spoonfuls of jelly, well-drained peaches (or whatever), fresh strawberries, blueberries and the globs of a flavoured yoghurt, and the plain greek one. My husband HATES yoghurt, or his past recollections of it, but the "modern" fruit flavoured ones tend to be our dessert, these days. This trifle is superb, and no-one ever clicks it's not "cream". Cheers!! devalois

coconutbuns, Dec 26, 6:56pm
Thank you devalois I love yoghurt too!I will try this one for sure and it is healthier too :)