Christmas Day menu

raewyn64, Jun 8, 6:34am
So am I the first one to start organising my Christmas Day menu! Yes the Christmas in December not a mid-year one lol
This will only be our second Christmas Day at our place with both families so I am trying to get organised and hopefully keep a watch out for things that can go in my freezer.

pickles7, Jun 8, 7:01am
Lamb legs from the Mad Butcher, you could put some of those away now they are on special.

darlingmole, Jun 8, 7:02am
Countdown does a one day a year sale where ham/turkey is half price just about.So I have a turkey in my freezer already.The most important thing is fresh fresh and veges and the love of God in our hearts - otherwise it's just not worth effort

sarahb5, Jun 8, 7:11am
When's that happen - not bothered about the ham but having the turkey already would be good.

raewyn64, Jun 8, 7:20am
I plan on having a bbq for quite a bit so will keep a watch out for sausages etc on special that I can freeze and I want to roast a couple of chooks and have them as cold meat so will get them when they are on special too.
At least if I can get a few things earlier it won't be as big an expense as getting it all later; plus a little less time consuming :)

lindylambchops1, Jun 8, 9:20am

chooky, Jun 8, 10:40am
Funny, I was just going through the recipe message board last night, to get different ideas for puddings. Family enjoyed my pudding platters last year and asked if I would do it again, of course I cant make the same.

guest, Jan 11, 5:21am
A minute saved is a minute eander, and this saved hours!

guest, Jan 13, 1:08pm
Jun09Kim The curls might not disappear when you next have it cut my Nephew is 6-and-a-half now and his hair is as curly as it's alyaws been. In fact when he has it cut it generally makes the curls more evenly distributed over his head, rather than the weight making the curls fall more towards the ends. I can see why you'd be reluctant to risk it though, there's something about curls on a little boy I kind of hope Ryan never wants his hair cut short enough to loose them!!

guest, Jan 14, 8:03pm
Jun06Kay Weaver Darling pictures. I see Talia's tooth! What a cute dress too, great crools. Simon is just so three. I hope he doesn't loose his curls, it is so a part of his look. I love his big expressive eyes.