Casual Christmas day ideas

botim, Oct 27, 4:36am
for 6 adults. Hubbie wants BBQ and salads. I just want to have a stress free / kitchen free day with a glass of something long and cold. Mrs B.

rosiemoodle, Oct 27, 4:56am
last year we had a Picnic was great .Cold Cooked chicken,salads Bacon and egg pie.BBQ sausages and patties Platter of sweet treats ie truffles,raspberry and white chocolate slice.

rosiemoodle, Oct 27, 4:58am

rosiemoodle, Oct 27, 4:59am

rainrain1, Oct 27, 5:21am
Make it easy for your self . Cook some meats to have cold, make salads, desserts, etc all before the day.(everyone brings something) New potatoes. Men cook steaks on the BBQ. You sit back and enjoy that cold one or two or three or four
PS. You don't need any other hot veg other than new spuds. we've weeded out carrots and peas now.

griffo4, Oct 27, 5:29am
we all take a plate of mains and dessert so easy on everyone and use plastic plates so only have thee cutlery to wash up oh and the glasses

awoftam, Oct 27, 5:37am
Great idea. I am over cooking for my small family when my brother and father eat whatever is put in front of them with all the appreciation of filling a car with petrol. My mum on the other hand loves the day so a picnic is a great idea for us.

dibble35, Oct 27, 8:46am
We are finding we are taking it easier and easier on us 'cooks' each passing xmas . This year there is no hot food at all. Just cold meats and fav salads and pudds. Paper plates, I cant think of anything worse than doing the whole hot meal thing on xmas day. everyone should be sitting around enjoying each others company, not stuck in a kitchen cooking ham or turkey. well thats my opinion anyway. LOL

sarahb5, Oct 27, 9:05am
BBQ with salads is what we will have here but it will be turkey cooked on the BBQ rather than a selection of stuff on the BBQ - means the next few days are stress free too because the turkey goes a long way

juju40, Oct 28, 3:03am
I'm working nightshift both Christmas Eve and Christmas night so also want something nice and easy. Thought Ham and a Chicken Roll (cooked evening before), seafood salad (easy to throw together beforehand), Potato salad (boil spuds evening before as well) and Ambrosia for dessert ( also easy tothrough together after whipping cream). Gives me time to sleep during the day I hope.

macandrosie, Aug 9, 2:50am
Rosiemoodle do you have a recipe for raspberry & white chocolate slice please? it sounds yummy!