HELP! Picnic food ideas Christmas Day

middlemum, Dec 2, 10:17pm
Seems we are now going 2 hours away for a picnic on Christmas Day. No idea what food to pack that is still bit special. Will have chilly bin. One gluten free and two fussy kids. LOL! Thanks for ideas! xxx

cgvl, Dec 3, 12:49am
Pork Pie (gf pastry) or bacon and egg pie.
french stick with an assortment of pickles, chutney's, relishes, cheese, antipasto (pesto, salami, cured meats etc). Savoury stuffed eggs or scotch eggs. selection of salads.
dessert: cheese board, fresh fruit. Jelly in a jar, individual tartlets eg lemon curd. bliss balls, truffles and some things the children like.

melford, Dec 3, 2:00am
Roast vegetable frittata - delicious

aktow, Dec 3, 2:31am
Last year, Xmas eve , my stubborn mother finally went to see a doctor about wounds she suffered a week previous after faling over. well long story but hospital she had to go. i had our xmas day food 90% ready, at least 25 item . another long story but i had to plan food to have in her room in hospital .i had to fit all the food in to 2 litre ice cream containers so the food would travel well and so it was easy to transport. here was my menu.
1) chicken pieces marinated in bourbon,
spicy sauce and baked with sesame seeds
2) ham on bone
1) Salmon Macaroni salad,,
ingredients pasta (any sort), pink salmon,
sliced raw mushrooms, spring onions, tomato
onions sliced, lots of salt and pepper bound
with a thick mayonnaise.
2) Chicken & spinach Ravioli salad
ingredients poached chicken, ravioli ,spinach,
sliced red onions , sliced capsicums, tomato,
spring onions, mayonnaise
3) Bacon Ranch Potato Salad
4) curried eggs
5) Spicy Crab & Shrimp salad,
ingredients , shrimp , crab meat
sour cream 1000 island dressing
fish sauce red onion spring onion
Tabasco Worchester sauce tomato
celery bean sprouts
6) Paw Paw and Chicken salad
Paw Paw ,Chicken bound with
seafood sauce and Walnuts


aktow, Dec 3, 2:38am
are you after cold food or is there a cooking equipment
where you are going,, for example a BBQ facility in a park
ps, i know my food had some gluten,,

middlemum, Dec 3, 5:58am
No bbq facility. Will need to be cold food. Loving the ideas. Thanks so much all!

sheryl1905, Dec 4, 4:08am
bumping for new ideas,

2spotties, Dec 7, 8:34am
My gf son enjoys caramel meringues. He likes Cheerios and will eat them cold.
What about a cheesy bacon frittata or a plough mans plate type thing ie cold meats, rice crackers, vege sticks, fancy cheeses, dips etc?
Hope that helps

2spotties, Dec 7, 8:35am
And maybe some chocolate bliss balls

vomo2, Dec 7, 7:26pm
Most important ingredient to any kiwi picnic is insect repellant!

vomo2, Dec 7, 7:28pm
A whole cooked chicken. Wrap with an ice block on the outside layer of the wrapping. Buns salad

sampa, Dec 8, 1:15am
Quite a lot of ideas here middlemum -

some of them say to serve hot but, like most things, cooked the day before and chilled to be taken along to enjoy in the great outdoors is fine. Eating outside makes things taste better anyway. :) Don't forget the insect repellent (as mentioned) though or you'll be feeding them along with the family. Hope the weather is lovely for you!

dogbond, Dec 8, 4:10am
Cold sausages, chicken drum sticks, french sticks, salmon, dips, hummus, bowl of salad, sliced ham, strawberries

dk33, Dec 14, 1:17am
if you want something a bit special how about a whole fillet of salmon, poached or roasted and then served cold? Or a cold seafood platter with marinated and fresh mussels with different flavours, prawns, marinated fish (like a ceviche or an ika mata) and stuff to go with it.
Cold fried chicken or glazed chicken with a potato salad and Asian coleslaw?

I'm doing a Christmas picnic where the main feature will be a piece of cooked pork belly that I'll then reheat on a disposable barbecue. I'm doing Asian flavours so will do accompaniments of a noodle salad, a Japanese cauliflower salad, and some enoki mushrooms cooked with butter and soy sauce in foil on the barbecue.

dk33, Dec 14, 1:37am
Also, I think what makes a picnic a bit special is how it's served so I'm going to have cloth napkins, proper cutlery and plates and bowls. I'm also going to serve things up on wooden boards and rustic-looking enamel baking dishes, not out of plastic containers, just to make it a bit more luxurious.

rosiemoodle, Dec 14, 8:29am
fruit kebabs,BBQ chicken salad,turkey wrap pinwheels,grinch kebabs

daarhn, Apr 16, 8:47am
Bring your own portable barby webber, borrow one or treat yourself to early CrisCrimbo treat. Christmas picnics is all about BarbyQs, finger foods, lazing back with chilled bubbly in hand and playing retro games.

Piles marinated chicken kebabs of 2-3 flavours. Marinate overnight in double bags in fridge. Flavours intensifies when grilled and charcoaled chicken style. Think fresh flavours. Lime lemon garlic coriander etc.

2-3 kilos big banana Aussie prawns. (serve in big bowl with lots cut up lemons/limes to squeeze while hot)

Throw a big wok or soup pot to heat and throw in few kilos green-lipped mussels, splash wine close lid steam, shake and then add lots chopped coriander, finely chopped red onion, diced fresh tomatoes, splash sweet chilli sauce or fresh finely diced green chillis for fresh fire. Crusty bread to soak up juices. Serve straight out of wok or pot.

Big bowl Mango salsa. diced fresh ripe mangoes, chopped coriander, diced red onion, finely diced red chilli, handful pomegranate seeds, fresh lime juice.

BarbyQ fresh caramelized pineapple rings. Serve with chicken kebabs, or chopped up scattered through prawns or mussels. (at home i do hot BarbyQ pineapple served with vanilla icecream for summer fiesta pudding)

Bring big fat juicy chilled watermelon and mangoes to slurp on big cut wedges.

Keep it simple, fresh, piled high, extra paper towels, ,moist wipes and water bottles to rinse fingers.

Check the car for water, oil, radiator coolant, spare tyre, right tyre pressure, first aid kit, paracetamol, sub block, insect repellent, fly spray, rubbish bags (take home all your rubbish and recycle), kite, frisbee and various kids games, cards, freeze chilly bin blocks.