Easy Kid's birthday finger food ideas

moparpete, Jul 26, 2:31am
Kids are all between 7 to 9 yrs old.
Definately doing the frozen sausage rolls but other than that what else to put on the table.

sarahb5, Jul 26, 3:02am
Pizza, corn chips, hot chips or wedges or those frozen potato pom-poms - keep it simple to cater for fussy kids, fruit kebabs, slices or cookies

blands70, Jul 26, 3:27am
rice crackers, cheese, hummus, carrot sticks

moparpete, Jul 26, 3:32am
Keep the ideas coming guys,am writing it all down in my list.

jan2242, Jul 26, 5:37am
Fairy bread. Kids must still love this as saw it in a cafe recently - brought back memories.
Cheerio sausages with tomato sauce.
Variety ice cream flavours with toppings so they can make their own 'sundae'

ruby19, Jul 26, 6:28am
Kids love sushi these days, and even dumplings but the good old favs are mini sausage rolls, you could make mini piklets with jam, bowls of popcorn, mini burgers or sliders or hot dogs. Chicken kebabs, fruit kebabs, pizza cut into slices. mini muffins savoury or fruit based . Platters of carrots cucumbers sticks corn chips and hummus or the good old kiwi onion dip. Southern cheese rolls. Filled bread cases.

jobb, Jul 26, 7:34pm
Why not have a pizza party. Small pita bread as bases and let the kids make their own. You provide a variety of toppings and let them just go for it.

zephrine, Jul 31, 9:03am
Things that were popular at my kids parties (although they are younger) were ham and cheese 'club' sandwiches, grape and orange skewers, cheese and crackers, and fairy bread. We just had cold food because there was nowhere to heat it, but kids didnt seem to mind. Also made some 'gummy' lollies in lego moulds. (jelly with gelatine added)

duckmoon, Aug 1, 9:31am
This was my party menu.
Serve the cake first (I got sick of serving it after afternoon tea, and they had eaten so much they didn't eat the cake).

Other items
Fairy bread (white bread with hundreds and thousands)
Cheerios (if your party isn't at home, heat in boiling water, then put into a container and wrap in the towel - and put in chilly bin - it keeps them warm)
Pop corn.


If I am looking for one more item, then jelly, served in a plastic cup - wth a spoon.

moparpete, Aug 6, 10:38am
Yes I think serving the cake first will be a good idea. Also thinking of doing a dirt and mud cups with oreo crumbs and chocolate instant pudding and gummy worms on top inplace of jelly.

moparpete, Jul 25, 11:05am
which I can put together in a jiffy.Please share. Want to prepare it ahead if possible for about 15 kids.
Thanks in advance.

sarahb5, Jul 25, 11:07am
How old are the kids?

mcdaff, Jan 10, 7:16am
Those frozen sausage rolls you can cut up and bake, with tomato sauce to dip them in.