Bulk food ideas for three parties?!

tui_marley, May 8, 2:29am
I have to supply morning tea for adults (8-10) on Wednesday, bring a plate to a lunch on Saturday, and have my sons birthday party on Sunday. I want to do one bulk thing this weekend that will freeze well for each event. What are your ideas?

chrisynz, May 8, 2:33am
savouries, cheese rolls

spider47, May 8, 2:40am
pastries, chicken wings, cheese cake, fridge biscuits, banana bread or loaf like date loaf that can be multipurpose. have fun

tui_marley, May 8, 7:37am

awoftam, May 8, 8:08am
Hmmmm I'd treat Wednesday as a one off as hard to cook anything and keep it in fridge for 4 days safely - and look to do something that will work for the weekend. Poach a couple of chickens, make yummy chicken and mayo sammies for the lunch (they will vanish before your eyes) and awesome wee chicken pies on Sunday?

asue, Aug 16, 2:50am
savouries or muffins

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