2yr old b/day party food ideas - cheap not nasty

marley, Jul 31, 4:53am
Hi there - some good food ideas fo r2 year old birthday party - dont forget its winter and she is a girl (if that makes a difference) a pinkish theme... .

dice4, Jul 31, 5:54am
fairy bread! !

ferita, Jul 31, 6:31am
You could dish up anything. 2 year olds will be more interested in playing with each other then eating

darlingmole, Jul 31, 6:49am
I'd do:

~ marshmellows and fruit on toothpicks
~ fairy bread as suggested by dice4
~ pink coloured custard squares
~ pink jelly cups (as in rasberry or strawberry)
~ lolly slice with lots of pink eskimo's

But I totally agree with ferita ... they'll be more into playing with each that thinking "WOW! mum went hard out to please me! "
Hope you have a cool party :-D

PS:might not be healthy but hot chips and sauce always go down a treat with the littlies ;-)

noonesgirl, Jul 31, 6:56am
Only thing I wouldn't have are the custard squares. Doubt kidlets would eat them or even know what they are.

evorotorua, Jul 31, 6:42pm
My advice is to keep it simple. Many a happy party has been had with chips and dip, cheerios (with or without sauce), mandarins, sausage rolls, fairy bread, and the cake. As others have said the kids aren't there for the food. You will be surprised how many adults will eat the leftovers though. Egg sandwiches good too. You can tart it all up with presentation too which can be cheap. I was a Mum on a strict budget and the kids still had a great time. Balloons, streamers, coloured paper plates and music. Enjoy the time. You are in the business of making memories and that is free.

darlingmole, Jul 31, 8:44pm
if you made tiny custard squares I think they'd like it noonesgirl (imo) but yeah, probs a bit fiddly eh? It's just they littlies are very tactile and like the soft kind of food ... only a thought anyway

bunny51, Jul 31, 8:59pm
I saw a teddy bears picnic cupcakes recipe somewhere It was cupcakes iced with green icing, flower sprinkles on the icing, a cocktail umbrella poked in and a tiny teddy biscuit on there.

angela137, Jul 31, 9:26pm
They will be more excited about playing with her freinds and the fact that she is a big 2 year old now, just make sure there is good coffee for the adults! Have a great stress free day and enjoy it with your girl.

samsara11, Jul 31, 9:29pm
I went to all sort of trouble and found that cheerios and chips were the only things that were eaten. As said above, the kids get all excited and it is impossible to have them sit for more than seconds lol.

evorotorua, Jul 31, 9:34pm
teddy bears... love that idea. Must make a note of these for "future" grandchildren (MUCH in the the future! ! ! ! ) I miss doing these party things.

blt10, Jul 31, 10:00pm
Cut out small circles of puff pastry or other shapes. Overlap at the centre slightly, brush with egg wash, sprinkle sesame seeds, then place a whole or half a cheerio sausage in centre and grill till golden. Serve withtomato sauce spread over cheerio if like. The end productsupposed to look like a butterfly.

duckmoon, Aug 1, 7:10am
I have a "more is less" policy when it comes to the party menu.

My menu is:
fairy bread, cherrios with tom sauce, popcorn (or chips) served with the cake.

dragonzflame, Aug 1, 11:32pm
Not sure if this is suitable for 2yos, but I remember my mum doing those oranges filled with jelly for my 5th birthday (and my 18th, lol). Halve the oranges, scoop 'em out, fill with jelly, cut again when set so you've got jelly quarter-oranges. Good fun :-)

purplegoanna, Dec 18, 6:08pm
buy some pkts of cheap biscuits and ice them with pink and lavnder icing and top with silver dots and choc sprinkles, hubbys gdaughter spent hours making hers here last holidays then spent hours deliberating over who was allowed to eat each certain design... .