Cheap butter

akd100, Jul 1, 10:34am
Would this make to difference to how something turned out do you think? ?

245sam, Jul 1, 1:20pm
akd100, I don't use the really cheaper butter for baking but I understand and believe that it can indeed make a "difference to how something turned out", depending of course on what the "something" is and that is because the cheaper butters tend to have extra added water.

Hope that helps. :-))

poce, Jul 1, 7:55pm
Did notice on a packet of butter (mainland) yesterday water is added

Cream, salt, water and milk product... . am glad it assome milk in it.

horizons_, Jul 1, 8:54pm
Yep, anchor is the only brand that hasn't changed apparently. Other butters absolutely useless for sweets, but will still do for baking. Some cheap butters have a grotty flavour that can permeate baking though.

marywea, Jul 1, 10:26pm
What brands would you never buy, based on your experience with them?

akd100, Jul 2, 12:53am
I used the woolsworth own brand, but I'm not sure that it was signature range, but it was a budget one, and I made cupcakes and they were all oily on the bottom and didn't turn out as nice as normal.

goldgurl_design, Jul 2, 12:56am
I actually use margarine in most of my baking. If I'm making shortbread though, that's one recipe I will use real butter - and icings...

cookessentials, Jul 2, 1:11am
It should just say cream and salt for good butter. Also watch pack sizes.

rog.e, Sep 23, 9:08am
As far as I know the 'added water' comes from the washing part of the buttermaking process and is not an actual ingredient.

Butter, after churningis washed to remove whey. Can't remember where the salt is added in the making process.

This whey in turn is used to make "whey' butter which is a tasty butter indeed.

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