Quick CHEAP Winter Pudding.

cher4u, Aug 20, 8:54am
The other day I had a bag of nectarines given to me. . I thought. . stew them, then put a sponge on top. . BUT. . my sponges never come out the way they should. . so I remembered I had some old Trifle sponge in the freezer. . so I got it out. . broke it into squares. . (kinda) & placed on top of the fruit & Fan baked for 10 mins at 180c. . It was amazingggggggggggggg. . just a tip. . make sure the fruit has more juice than usual as the sponge soaks it up a little. . & by putting the oven on fan ? ? the top went crunchy... total cost per serving ? ? ? about 50c. .

gardie, Feb 11, 5:50am
Our trials often turn out to be family favourites. Good on you.