Food Idea's & Recipies for Mid-Winter feast please

doc_lucky, Jun 23, 11:08pm
We have been told by our friends our house is the venue for a MWF in two weeks time ... . which is fine no probs ... . just want some yummy idea's... was thinking something hearty in the crockpot, & a cobb loaf thats a no brainer but what other things ... .

doc_lucky, Jun 23, 11:41pm
bump ... please ... .

gayle6, Jun 24, 12:57am
Bump again, I was just going to post a similar question. Suggestions on something Christmassy for MWF pot luck dinner please.

gayle6, Jun 24, 1:07am
Just found this recipe which looks great and has very good reviews.

juliewn, Jun 24, 8:17am
Hi. . if you type 'Christmas' into the search bar on the left of your screen, then change the 'last 24 hours' to anytime, it will bring up Christmas ideas that might be of help. . also try 'party' too. .

tipsy_bl0nde, Jun 24, 11:07pm
a suggestion to spice up the loaf . .
Get a tiger loaf and cut it in half through the middle. spread with butter garlic cabsicum onion and then top with mozzarella and a sprinkle of cajun. sooo yummy espcially with a crockpot :)

cookessentials, Sep 4, 5:15pm
We have a great Christmas Recipes thread which will give you a miriad of ideas.