Looking for fast, easy dessert idea please

amanda_simonp, Jun 13, 9:58pm
for a pot luck dinner. Something that obviously looks good too. TIA

barloo, Jun 13, 10:51pm
Fruit platter.

Your choice of fruit like grapes, bananas, grapes, kiwifruit, mandarins, melons etc marshmallows and pineapple lumps or alike. Arrange on a large platter and serve. Looks great and tastes even better:)

holz22, Jun 14, 1:44am
ambrosia - best made ahead to 'marinate' for a while and get the marshmellows goey.

kirinesha, Jun 14, 1:50am
The above but put them on skewers and drizzle with chocolate sauce.

alebix, Jun 14, 1:51am
Instant pudding decorated with whipped cream and fruit. . easy and delish.

mooloocal, Jun 14, 1:56am
Do you cut the banans up if so how do you stop them going brown do you put lemon juice over the top

red2, Jun 14, 2:00am
take along your fondue set and a platter of cut up fruit , marshmellows etc to dunk into chocolate with skewers

kirinesha, Jun 14, 2:01am
Yes, use lemon juice - or even lime for a slightly different tangy taste.

lx4000, Jun 14, 3:06am
I would chop the fruit up just before serving. This way they look and taste fresh and not left to "get that old" look to them.


buzzy110, Aug 4, 4:43pm
Fresh Peaches – Peeled, halved and stone removed
Tub of Kapiti Vanilla Bean Ice Cream – Cut into squares
Liqueur of choice

Sprinkle Peaches with Brown Sugar and grill till brown
Place on a square of Kapiti Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Drizzle with Liquer of Choice

I can't take credit for this recipe but I forgot to save the name of the original poster so can't give credit where it is due.

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