Substituting bacon in a winter salad

sumstyle, Aug 23, 8:14am
Please help as I'm having a total brain freeze. I'm wanting to make a nutmeg pumpkin salad for a Muslim friend and her family who are all fasting for Ramadan at the moment.

The recipe has flaked almonds and camembert cheese, and a dressing made with raspberry vinegar.

What should I use instead of the finely sliced, three rashers of bacon?

brightspark, Aug 23, 8:15am
How about just leaving it out altogether?

sumstyle, Aug 23, 8:16am
It may come to that, but I was wondering if there were other options. It's not like the bacon is in there for the protein factor! So it adds the savoury taste...

245sam, Aug 23, 8:20am
sumstyle, would Tegel chicken bacon be a suitable option? :-))

sumstyle, Aug 23, 8:22am
Ooooo, SNEAKY! !

How often do you rescue me, 245sam? ? ! ! Thanks, that will work of course, durrr.

Thanks also to you, brightspark :-)

elliehen, Aug 23, 9:19am
'Sun Valley' make a really good bacon substitute - textured vegetable protein flakes... just over $2. 00 a packet.

callabell, Aug 23, 9:26am
they used to sell vegetarian not bacon and sausages it was quite good thin strips with white on edge fried not sure what it tasted like as close to meat as plants can.

beaker59, Aug 23, 9:37am
I would use smoked chicken. Though wouldn't it need to be Halal as well.

We have a son in law who while he isn't a muslim his father is, to whom he has made a promise to never eat pork (hard for a cambodian ) its amazing how often it crops up without knowing it we have a little pork in most meals in this house and sometimes allot of pork.

sumstyle, Feb 20, 12:02pm
We had my friend and family come to our Christmas - we are not a family who have a habit of eating Christmas ham but it was surprising how much we still had to re-think our menu plans.

She is very gracious and possibly wouldn't be bent out of shape by the possibility of non-halal chicken bacon, but I can always put it in a side package for them.

Thanks everyone!