Kids party food

wharf2, Feb 19, 1:28am
having a party for 2 and 3 year olds and adults what are some cool foods that people make? cheers

darlingmole, Feb 19, 1:42am
2 and 3 years don't require much to make them happy (fortunately)

the usual tried and true ...

cheerios/sausage rolls with tomato sauce
chips'n'diporvegetable stix and dip/salsa
fairy bread
fresh fruit kebabs (with marshmellows)
jelly'n'ice cream
marmite chip sandwiches
pieces of cheese'n'pinapple on toothpicks
hot chips (only not hot, more luke warm)
mini hotdogs
mini burgers

Just cast your mind back to what you use to have when you were at parties ... don't think much has changed for that age group

tommydog, Feb 19, 3:58am
Something my daughter and her friends use to love and its easy to make and looks good. Is to cut oranges in half and pour different colour jellies into them put them in the fridge to set and then when ready cut into quarters. Have a fun day.

52many, Aug 20, 11:46pm
Fairy bread, bread cases filled with sweetcorn, spaghettie, baked beans. Or try a white sauce with canned salmon, or mushrooms and bacon for the adults... . . Yum, have fun! ! ! !

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