Ideas on birthday party food please for 3yrs olds

m41, Aug 7, 7:54am
i have s/ rolls , cherios, rice crackle, birthday cake

samsara11, Aug 7, 8:13am
chips and dip and leave it at that. Savoury is the way to go

noonesgirl, Aug 7, 8:18am
Popcorn, animal biscuits. 3yr olds don't need heaps of food. Presents & games are the main attraction.

shelley39, Aug 7, 8:18am
fairy bread, cherios, chips, tiny teddy biscuits. Keep it simple.

m41, Aug 7, 8:20am
what games oppss! !

duckmoon, Aug 7, 9:28am
I do the "more is less" menu...

Cherrios with tom sauce, fairy bread, pop corn... all served with the cake

wildebeest, Aug 7, 9:12pm
you could try cake pops! they're very 'hot' right now in US. How to on youtube... super easy and they kids will LOVE em.
Also a slab of pizza cut up into small bits.
fish fingers?
chicken nuggets?
bacon and egg slice cut up.
cheese and ham sandwiches cut with cookie cutter

rolznsp, Aug 7, 10:44pm
Mr 5 birthday on sunday next week our food list is Fruit kebabs, popcorn, fairy bread, twisties, carrott/celery sticks and dip, savouries, cheerios and sauce, traffic light jelly cups, lollies, tiny teddy cars and cake.

esdott, Jan 3, 9:13pm
i haven't had lollies on the table, for my son's birthday, since he turn 2. he's turning 10 this year. The lollies just are necessary