"Bring a plate" finger food

maynard9, Aug 14, 7:42am
Next month I have to travel the length of the North Island to a birthday party and it is 'Bring a plate of finger food". I will be going up 3 days prior staying at various places on the way.
Once there I really don't want to go out and buy stuff but am trying to think what I could make so far ahead of time, and have it travel well - and still taste nice.
We will be staying in motels, so not exactly equipped to make anything from scratch.
Was thinking of doing several different slices and taking them whole, cutting up on the day.
Any thoughts appreciated.

toadfish, Aug 14, 8:03am
What about a pineapple fruit cake... this keeps really well and is yummy... without retyping my recipe from the TV & Radio Big red cookbook... this is the closest recipe I could find but it would let me copy and paste... must have some protection on it.

You could make a square one and cut it into cubes the morning of the birthday and it would travel really well. In fact you could cut it in half... . half for some morning teas on your journey and the other half to go on a platter in cubes with maybe some crystallied pineapple... Just a thought.

http://www.bestrecipes.com. au/recipe/Pineapple-Fruit-Cake-L3

maynard9, Aug 14, 8:11am
Hmm - thanks for that Toadfish. I hadn't thought of a cake. It would travel well, you are right. Particularly like the idea of consuming some on the way up - hehe.

natalie9, Jan 24, 10:06am
What you've suggested sounds perfect, everyone loves slices at parties!