Finger food for party help please

steamylee, Aug 7, 4:15am
i have looked through the previous threads and everything seems to hard or boring for what im after so was hoping you might be able to help please... i would like to do something a bit more exciting then club sammies, cheerios and cheese on crackers, but not being the greatest cook (although i am improving thanks to you all) i dont want to do things too hard that are going to just leave me stressed and frazzled! ! there will be aprox 20 people attending. thank you

darlingmole, Aug 7, 4:20am
I saw a really nice nibble in an old house and garden magazine recently. It was pinwheel sandwiches ... the filling was figs and blue vein cheese from memory. However you could use whatever you want eg: cream cheese, quick spread of mayo or horseradish and smoked salmon or else ham/creamy havarti cheese and mayo that has crushed anchovy in it (really nice! )Fillings limited only by your imagination!

darlingmole, Aug 7, 4:21am
oh, and I don't care what anyone else thinks:I still think things on tooth picks are good (mini meatballs, chicken or vegetable satays, grape'n'cube of cheese)

joybells2, Aug 7, 4:24am
What about a cobb loaf baked with dip in it, they are always popular and you can prepare beforehand. Salmon and cream cheese on french bread, pinwheel savouries made with leftover mashed spud, bacon, cheese, relish etc. Nice platter with dip, pate, cheese crackers, olives etc always looks nice.

duckmoon, Aug 7, 5:02am
I also do things like mini pikelets (purchased) with cream cheese and salmon...

Purchased spring rolls (served with purchased thai sweet chilli sauce) and samoas (served with yoghurt and mint chopped through).

duckmoon, Aug 7, 5:03am
I also do a cheese board (three or four cheese) with two or three different crackers; plus dried apricots, dates and fresh grapes;
next to that I put a vege board - in the style of antipasto - pesto, sundried tomatoes, and good relish, caramelised onions etc. .

It isn't the cheapest thing I serve, but people love it...

I leave the two platters on a coffee table for people to help themselves

steamylee, Aug 7, 5:04am
joybells how do you makle cobb loaf? is it easy? haha duckmoon i like that idea of buying mini spring rolls and samosas will definitly do that thank you. gosh darlingmole that sounds lovely but i dont even know what pinwheel sandwiches are... *goes to google*

darlingmole, Aug 7, 5:25am
pinwheel is basically crustless white bread that is rolled up (a bit like an asparagus roll I suppose). As for recipe for cobb loaf:here's my recipe

x2 250g cream cheese
3/4 cup mago
2 C tasty cheese, grated
1 med chopped onion
4 silverbeet or 6/7 spinach leaves, chopped
1 T curry powder
handful of chopped parsely
1 loaf of specialty bread (cobb is the round one)

Mix all ingredients together.

To the loaf of bread ~ cut a round circle on the top for the lid, then scoop out the inside bread from the loaf (this is where the filling will go). Keep the bread to dip later.

Put cream cheese etc into the prepared loaf, replace lid and bake at 180 deg C for 1 hour, maybe 1 & 1/2 hours.

Totally scrummy! Serve with carrot/celery sticks, the left over bread, brocolli, spring onions etc ... well you get the gist

steamylee, Jan 2, 5:01pm
oh my god i am drooling reading that! ! ! ! oh oh oh i am so going to make that! ! ! thanks darlingmole that sounds amazing! ! !