40th party finger food - deserts

hyborn, Aug 15, 8:26pm
hi guys - we have a 40th party coming up and I need to make desert that is finger food would like to pre make and freeze so am all sorted. The main is a barbque with venison, snapper etc yum all finger food that they can put on buns. thanks guys

zappi, Aug 15, 9:01pm
Cream puffs or little lemon tarts. Yummy slices. Just a few suggestions.

momma1, Aug 15, 9:13pm
for my dads wake i made a huge pile of sweet pastry cases done in mini muffin tins and filled them with a choc ganache, lemon or passionfruit curd (some topped with meringe) caramel, cremem pastise and fruit on top. zappi has a good idea withh cream puffs/choc eclairs, you could make some choc dishes (melt choc drop onto some gladwrap and put over the back of a small glass) and fill with mousse). or go retro tiny lamingtons, jelly oranges and fruit skewers

cookessentials, Aug 15, 9:40pm
Have bumped up "The parties/weddings/gatherings thread which has a heap of ideas and recipes for you.

darlingmole, Aug 15, 10:58pm

2 packets of Tim Tams
250g cream cheese

whizz altogether, chill in the freezer for 15 mins as the mixture is very runny, then roll into bite size balls, roll in coconut or chocolate hail and freeze.

Warning ~ seriously moreish! ! !

creeky1, Aug 15, 11:10pm
a tip i learned that if you do sweet pastry cases paint melted chocolate on the inside, it creates a seal and the filling won't soak the pastry and make it soggy.

hyborn, Aug 16, 12:45am
thanks guys! ! will have to get busy!

duckmoon, Aug 16, 8:18am
I make neenish tarts in mini muffin tins...

Also use the same pastry cases, and put lemon curd in them.

Neenish tarts last a few days (3-4) made up.
Lemon tarts need to be eaten the same day.

gardie, Aug 16, 8:22am
My oh my - bliss!

ribzuba, Jan 30, 6:11pm
what about mini mousse cakes. if you get small piping (3cm diameter) and cut it into about 5cm tall sections, line it with acetate then make a brownie base and fill with mousse, freeze to set and then they only take 15 min to defrost