What's everyone making on Christmas Day .

uli, Nov 13, 6:14am
bump for another Xmas

agedbag, Nov 13, 8:57am

awoftam, Nov 13, 9:14am
Beef fillet poached in olive oil. Sounds like a thing. Reckon it will be amazing for the piccy nik!

bev00, Nov 15, 10:02am
chocolate tart -
http://tvnz.co.nz/masterchef-new-zealand/ep-11-chocolate-tar t-mandarin-and-pomegranate-sau-ce-4709256
geldof (95 95 positive feedback) 2:04 pm, Sun 6 May #3

Chocolate Tart

1 3/4 cups flour, 3/4 cup icing sugar, 175 g butter, well chilled, 1 egg, 1 1/2 cups cream,3/4 cup milk, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1 tablespoon cocoa ,200g dark chocolate chopped,4 eggs.
(1) Place flour and icing sugar in the bowl of a food processor. Roughly chop butter and add to the flour, mixing to a breadcrumb consistency. Add eggs and pulse until mixture comes together---if needed, add a small amount of chilled water. Wrap pastry in plastic cling film and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
(2) Preheat oven to 180c. Roll pastry out to about 3mm thick and line a 28 cm tin.
(3) Bake pastry with baking paper, then place rice or dry beans on top and bake blind for 15 minutes. remove covering and cook for a further 5 minutes until pastry is lightly golden. Reduce heat to 160c.
(4) Place cream, milk, brown sugar, cocoa and chocolate in a small saucepan. Stir over a gentle heat until chocolate has melted and mixture is smooth. Allow to cool until just warm.
(5) Whisk eggs and combine with chocolate mixture. Pour filling into tart shell and cook for 30 minutes until tart is just set but stll slightly wobbly in the centre.
(6) Allow to cool and serve at room temperature.
Can be stored for several days in the fridge.

Quotenana_gee (514 ) 8:02 pm, Thu 10 Nov #3

Here tis another to try -


bev00 (1754 1754 positive feedback) 10:54 pm, Thu

lilyfield, Nov 15, 8:51pm
nothing to do, just eating,, on a ship,

sarahb5, Nov 15, 9:01pm
No family here so it'll be just the 5 of us - food is whatever we want, usually eaten far too late because the chef drank too much and forgot! We do have turkey though - cooked on the BBQ and served with salads. Desserts are a big thing here for Christmas as we so rarely have them - trifle or tiramisu, banoffee pie, mince pies, pavlova, strawberries and cream .

waswoods, Nov 16, 1:37am
Only five here too. My mother will pay for most of the meat and I will cook and prepare everything. My sons will clean up at the end. I don't mind doing it all - actually I enjoy it and the others will enjoy eating it all! Ham, deboned stuffed turkey, potatoes, veges, gravy and then quite a few single serve desserts!

xtownie, Dec 16, 3:30am
We, like I imagine a lot of families do a bit of a Christmas Pot Luck lunch. Each family takes along (to In Laws place) a Main, a Salad, and a Desert. Usually we do try and make sure we have a Pav, Trifle, and Ambrosia covered by someone but I'm interested in some new ideas or variations of the classic Christmas dinner type dishes please.

lcl2, Dec 16, 3:42am
We all chip in with the lunch and have the usual ham, chicken, salads, new potatoes etc then pav, trifle, fresh fruit salad and this year I am also going to make an almond chocolate tart for a change. then when lunch is finished we al pitch in and tidy up

kaddiew, Dec 16, 4:35am
Then only thing I'm making this year to take along is a "kind of" a citrus chocolate tart, with the shortcrust pastry base already cooked & in the freezer, with a coating of dark chocolate on it.

tarawera99, Dec 16, 4:39am
I'm doing mainly salads that I'll do the day before. Then just cooking chicken on the big day. I've delegated the desserts to guests

griffo4, Dec 16, 5:18am
we have a varied range of food, it is pot luck with ham and mostly finger food
l am making Toadies rice salad and a jelly/pannacotta also from here that l am making and then l will take along a port and blue cheese pate along with crackers and we have fresh fruit as well
No 2 years are the same re food and plenty for the strays that come along as well

southerngurl, Dec 16, 6:01am
Grasshopper pie is always on our dessert table nom nom nom

http://www.stayathomemum.com.au/recipes/grasshopper-pie/ this is the closest recipe i can find online. cept we use ginger nuts for the base

nauru, Dec 16, 6:39am
We are going to our sons this year along with our DIL's parents. We all share the food workload for Christmas lunch, we decide who is providing what so we don't double up as has happened on occasion in the past. Our contribution this year is fresh baked side of salmon with a creamy dill sauce, macaroon topped mince tarts and after dinner chocolate plate.There will also be baked Ham and roast Turkey breast with the fresh veges and 2 desserts.

jack_3, Dec 16, 7:02am
We're having a pot luck lunch next Saturday with my dad, brothers, sil, sister, bil, adult son and his gf. DH and I are doing the ham and 2 chooks and the others will bring whatever they bring but Im sure there will be salads, bread and dessert of some description.

As for food on Christmas day - I have no idea! We'll leave home with DD and DS at 10am drive for 3hrs then its time to put the tent up and unpack so Im guessing I wont feel like cooking

ETA - I just had a look at the link to grasshopper pie - YUMMO!

nannahall1, Dec 16, 11:07pm
could you use another liquer other than crème de menthe? suggestions ?

rarogal, Dec 17, 4:47am
I'm going to miss being the Xmas queen this year, but thoroughly excited about having Xmas somewhere else! I only have to take Xmas pudding and a Cobb loaf dip. Think I'm getting off pretty lightly, but will also take some goodies such as shortbread etc.

dibble35, Dec 17, 6:40am
We always divide up the food as well, everyone brings a salad and a pudding. Dad buys the ham, and we split up getting the rolls, nibbles, other meat(for ham hating sister), paper plates and napkins etc. No one wants to do to many dishes! Everyone pitches in to tidy up, we go to a diff family members house each year, its worked well so far - oh and we always get together on boxing day so everyone can go to their in-laws on xmas day.

sarahb5, Dec 17, 8:29am
Not absolutely sure yet - majority decision is turkey but with salads instead of full on roast dinner. Miss 22 suggested cooking the turkey on the BBQ so that the house doesn't get too hot - is that possible?

usualsuspect, Dec 17, 11:24am
fresh berry fruit is a must for our Christmas dinners.

kassie48, Dec 17, 8:36pm
Brunch this year at my daughters. Have put $100 in her bank then she can get what she wants. No doubling up etc & easier for me.

cookessentials, Dec 17, 10:31pm
We are spending the day at friends and each couple has been assigned a food type. We are on desserts, so I am doing the pecan praline cheesecake, Black Forest trifle and some bliss balls to have with coffee. I am also making a couple of raw dishes for us, so probably the lentil chilli and a green salad with fresh salsa.

sarahb5, Dec 17, 11:02pm
My daughter seems to have taken over the desserts and is making a White Christmas cake - basically a vanilla cake made with just egg whites so it's quite white, white frosting and crumbled candy canes on top with glitter.

frances1266, Jun 29, 7:05pm
I make a platter that includes fruit, chocolate, dips including the goat cheese one I posted on the vegetarian thread yesterday, a beetroot dip, and a few others along with biscuits of course - we have that around 11am and then have the main meal around 2pm. That will be as usual the cashew nut loaf posted on the vegetarian thread yesterday with cranberry sauce, roast veg, peas, corn, carrots, gravy, a bread sauce and stuffing balls as well. Not quite sure what I will do for dessert as yet. Might ask for suggestions on this board. Will have truffles etc later on in the day if I can still move!