Can l mix brandy and sherry for Christmas Cake?

uli, Nov 15, 10:01pm
You can mix anything you like really.

griffo4, Nov 16, 1:00am
I don't have enough sherry or brandy to put in my fruit to soak and l was wondering would it work to mix them together and soak them in the mix?

nanasee1, Nov 16, 2:45am
It will be fine

gabbysnana, Nov 16, 3:17am
soak fruit in sherry and gingerale overight. Once cooked leave in tin , pour bottle brandy over cake, wrap airtight, wrap the whole lot in wads of newspaper, put in the back of Pantry and bring out at xmas time.

uli, Nov 16, 4:44am
No way - a whole bottle of brandy onto the cooked cake?
Surely you could drink more than half of that without anyone noticing?

And if you then use wads of newspaper to soak up the excess - you might as well keep those for fire starters later in the year :)

Merry Xmas :)

kindajojo, Nov 16, 5:43am
No problem. not so good if you were drinking it

wildflower, Nov 16, 6:13am
Apart from fact OP doesn't have a whole bottle of brandy by the sound of it hence wanting to know if they can mix it with sherry.

nauru, Nov 16, 6:56am
In the Caribbean, they use at least two bottles of spirit (usually rum) in their Christmas cakes. Fruit is put to soak in January and continually fed throughout the year with more rum as the fruit soaks it up. The cake is then made and baked in October/November ready for Christmas and very nice it is too, a little goes a long way. We sampled many of these cakes (all different depending on the area) when we lived in the Caribbean.

griffo4, Nov 16, 7:19am
Thank you for your thoughts l will put the sherry in now

aj.2., Nov 16, 10:26am
Thats how i read it too.

tjman, Nov 16, 11:29am
Frankly, I'd give it a try in a small glass. Might be fun! lol

aktow, Nov 16, 2:22pm
in my last house we had a large bar with hundreds of Miniature Spirits bottles, i got rid of most of the bottles and i have been using the rest up when i make xmas cakes,, yesterday i used brandy, bourbon, and Canadian lord Calvert in my cake ,, it tasted really good, when i took the xmas cake out of the oven i put two mini bottles of .Drambuie over it. just before i put royal icing on the cake i put more alcohol over the cake,, i have mixed so many liquors together and put them in my cakes,, i have never had anyone complain so they must be good.

whitehead., Nov 16, 8:52pm
soak your fruit in the sherry you can also add fruit juice or gingerale or cold tea at this stage then when your cake comes out of the oven and is still hot prick it all over with a knitting needle and pour your brandy over the cake it will sink in and taste yummy

fifie, Nov 16, 9:57pm
Put whatever you have into your cake, when it comes out of the oven take a toothpick and pierce few holes in top then tip a little more booze on. have a big clean spa towel and wrap hot cake still in tin up tightly sit in dark place in pantry. Once a week open up and pour a little tipple over the top re wrap, do this till you ice keeps cake lovely and moist.

uli, Nov 17, 2:20am
Ahhh I missed that - arrived after Xmas!
However Banana Daiquiri with the last bananas of the bunch or lime juice, rum,sugar (water optional) was a great use for rum. It was about 4 dollars for 54% and a bottle had more than 1 liter (probably quarter gallon?). Them were the days :)

wildflower, Jun 22, 5:16pm
I've no alcohol at all but need 1/4 c orange liquor, brandy or rum to make fruit mince, I presume though they'd work out expensive, I could buy little bar fridge size bottles of one of these?

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