Salmon for Christmas

lizab, Nov 8, 10:18pm
Just ordered our salmon for Christmas Day. We got some last year and it was superb!! It was couriered on Dec 23rd in a chilly box and when I opened it on Christmas morning, after storing it in the fridge, the icepacks were still partly frozen (and it was stinking hot here last Christmas!) If anyone's interested in treating themselves to some, here's the place I've used and would highly recommend them:

kiwiactrss, Nov 16, 11:04pm
Thanks - mum had a stroke this month so we are just having a cold meal for Xmas and was looking for a reputable salmon supplier - will be ordering shortly - we are a famil of four - what size do you reckon would be best?was thinking of being piggy and getting the big fillet.... looks yum!!!

babytears, Nov 16, 11:13pm
Awesome... thanks for that site... we might just have to order some... very reasonble prices too

lizab, Nov 16, 11:20pm
I got a two and half kg whole fish last year and that was plenty for the three of us that ate it at Christmas dinner, plus there was heaps left over for the following few days.

cookessentials, Nov 16, 11:29pm
I am buying the Regal Salmon wood roasted this year, just for a nice change from ham.

pericles, Nov 17, 12:03am
I visited that farm last Christmas, and can verifytheir salmon is delish

bluecalico, Nov 17, 1:05am
I tea smoked some myself following Annabel Langbein's recipe......delicious......esp-
ecially served with her horse radish cream.....finished off with lunch today. Easy peasy lemon squeezy

skydancing, Nov 17, 10:22am
I am not used to using salmon but this year is different. The kebabs on that website - would they be suitable for cooking on the bbq? Any idea how long I would cook them for? Has anyone ever tried them?Thanks in advance.

babytears, Aug 14, 2:14am
Yes you can BBQ them... they only take a couple of minutes to cook and you wouldn't want to cook them on a roaring heat and also on the plate rather than grill plate... perhaps the company would have more info on that