Merry Christmas to you all..heres my Pav!

auntlb, Dec 25, 1:10am
Looks stunning :)Merry Christmas

gardie, Dec 25, 1:31am
Must try this - would be much easier for cutting.Looks fab - a job well done.

alebix, Dec 25, 4:36am
Looks fantastic.

I got one from Cowells, lets say they will be getting an email or phone call from me complaining about the size of the pav.. pretty sad...

Merry Xmas everyone.

lindylambchops1, Dec 25, 7:46am
I made a pav too.Family decided they wanted one this morning.It cooled nicely in the oven.Was delicious.I decorated mine with homegrown raspberries & slivered almonds & lashings of cream.Naughty but very nice!;)

cookessentials, Dec 25, 8:16am
Looks just beautiful Maureen. I am doing one maybe tomorrow. I do it in a springform tin.

seniorbones, Dec 25, 9:27am
Hope you all had a great day, the pav was beautiful. It did crack especially when i dropped the slice on it while getting off the paper onto the plate, a springform tin is a good idea Pam, enjoy your day we do it all over again with hubbies side tomorrow!!!my daughter said it looked so good I should have kept and taken as desert but didnt think it would keep until the next day with the cream on it, tomorrows is a ginger cream roll, man I'm so starts again monday!

kuaka, Dec 25, 10:08am
oooh, it looks good enough to eat!

pickles7, Dec 25, 8:52pm
They were smaller, and cost more.
I had one given to me, leaked all over the bottom and the use by date is 26Th Jan 2011. I used that one and left my icing sugar one in its cardboard box to see how long it will take for that to leek.

macwood2, Dec 26, 2:42am
Seniorbones - can you post the ginger cream roll recipe please.TIA

korbo, Dec 26, 5:02am
that is one lovely pav. i like the idea of making the hole in the middle. decorated great.
I made one today, just to prove to myself that i can still make one, hunted high and low, inside and out the cupboard for my late mums recipe book and her famous pav, cant understand why it is not in my recipe book. ended up making one from a previous post, and it looks great. proof will be int he eating tonight.

korbo, Dec 16, 6:56pm
see another thread. this pav was a disaster. going to keep making them till i get a really white,crunchy one.