So I made a pav from a recipe on here last night..

noonesgirl, Dec 19, 8:52pm
Very impressed. Take baking up & earn the xtra $$$! Whose recipe did you use?

fruitluva2, Dec 19, 9:33pm
Well Done, you beat me to make one as I need a proper cake mixer instead of the processor. Mine went all over the oven

noonesgirl, Dec 19, 9:45pm
The secret must be in the beating imfao. 30 mins is a long time. Imagine doing it with a hand beater!

fruitluva2, Dec 19, 9:54pm
It would be torture with a hand beater, I can make the pav logs but not the traditional pav in the fp.

smileeah, Dec 19, 10:08pm
Wow that looks fantastic! I tried a pav yesterday too but it was a flop, the entire thing was soft (no crust at all) and sticky. It is so frustrating. Well done to you though.

guest, Dec 20, 12:12am
Can you possibly email the recipe I didn't manage to get it all off the tv show and would love to do it for Christmas - yours looks wonderful email is thank you in advance and Merry Christmas to you and your family, Dec 20, 2:11am
smileeah - maybe the 95% humidity yesterday was the problem

crystalmoon, Dec 20, 2:22am
yes,have been wanted to do Pav but wth this humidity,still waiting.

midnight42, Dec 20, 3:03am
Would a Pav keep if I made it tomorrow for Xmas Day

pickles7, Dec 20, 3:17am
you won't have the humidity problem when you use icing sugar recipe


Beat until thick and smooth ......approx 15 mins
6 egg whites,
3 Cups Icing Sugar,
2 teaspoons Cornflour,
2 teaspoons White Vinegar,
add 2 Tablespoons Boiling water............,
Pile onto a baking Paper lined oven tray
Cook for 5 minutes at 200 degrees C, then turn down and cook a further
1 1/2 hours at 100 degrees C.
(Leave in oven to cool)

smileeah, Dec 20, 9:18am
Yes I wondered that myself.

I'm going to have to try the icing sugar recipe me thinks.
Not being able to master The Pavlova is irking me lol. I am usually not bad at baking but the pav has got me stumped, it's not just a case of following instructions as I have found out. I've only had a successful pavlova 2 out of the 7 times I have tried.

korbo, Dec 20, 10:15am
did you use eggs from the fridge. my dear ole mum always said to take the eggs out of fridge for at least 4hrs.
i am going to try the one with icing sugar.

smileeah, Dec 20, 10:17am
I used room temp eggs. Did everything 'right'. I've researched pav making I tell ya. lol Can't seem to master it though, no matter what I do.

rosathemad, Dec 20, 6:32pm
smileeah, what temperature did you bake it at? Does your oven tend on the low side, maybe (like do you often have to cook things for a bit longer than the recipe says)? If it was soft it might need a slightly hotter oven to get a crust. :-)

dna187, Dec 20, 7:07pm
well ive done the icing sugar one a few times, and theyve never failed, and im so master chef believe me lol

smileeah, Dec 20, 7:22pm
I preheated the oven to 150 then lowered to 120 when I put the pav in. My oven tends on the hot side usually.It's been very hit and miss using pretty much the exact same method each time.

korbo, Dec 20, 11:17pm
oh disaster....I made the recipe using icing sugar, my oven must be quite hot, as it is a golden colour, not white at all.
it looked really high, and after about 1/2hr on 100, it flopped in the middle. had my eggs outta the fridge at 6am.
Oh...i DID FORGET to put in the hot water. what does the hot water do.???\Imfao's pav looks great. will try that one tomorrow.
Hubby will demolish this one i am sure...

dna187, Dec 21, 12:38am
hi just thought id say that making these pavs is like a science experiment isnt it, no matter what you do right, it goes wrong, and we dont know why. Hey we got to laugh though, dont we, and yep even if it flops, at least with boys in the house it will get eaten., Dec 21, 1:48am
stupid question - but does it have to be white vinegar?i've only got malt

dna187, Dec 21, 3:51am
hey, ive always used malt in mine, lol.

duckmoon, Dec 21, 5:46am
I use malt in mine

korbo, Nov 27, 11:07am
I have used white as gluten free people cant have malt.
Oh, my pav i made this morning, (#18)....was very very marshmelloy in the middle, but only about 4cm high. outside wasnt really crunchy.
I am sure the humidity has something to do with it.Mr k and friend sure made quick gobble of it tho....
roll on friday, will make another and see how that turns out.