making a sucessful pav in gas oven

wheelz, Feb 19, 8:14am
has anyone any tips or secrets in making a high pav in a gas oven. The lowest my oven can reach is 140'C, this too high a setting? And for how long would one cook it at this heat? I find that because there is no element in gas cooking, the oven doesn't hold the heat like an electric.

wheelz, Feb 19, 9:28pm
just another bump, Feb 19, 9:35pm - speaks of settings for gas - Post two has tips for cooking pav with gas.

vrx2evo, Feb 19, 10:04pm
I do a normal pav recipe (beat it for 10 mins)oven up high 230c. Put pav in oven and turn off. leave until oven completely cooled (overnight often)

wheelz, Feb 20, 1:33am
Thankyou maxwell. inc for your suggestions, but as I stated above... the lowest my oven will go is 140'C...

wheelz, Aug 23, 2:16am
Thanks ! I knew some one would have mastered the troubles I am having themselves.

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