Electric to gas oven. how?

shazzie10, Aug 26, 12:03am
We just bought a house with a gas oven and my 2 efforts to make profiteroles in the weekend failed miserably. Have never had a failure with them in an electric oven. I am told that I needed to put my baking higher in the oven but it was quite high. Who has succeeded transitioning from electric to gas oven and how did you do it? The oven has a Fahrenheit thermometer in the oven which I will need to translate. I can't imagine not baking until we re do our kitchen in a year or so. Thank you so much for the help!

wheelz, Aug 26, 4:09am
I have only just gone from a gas oven to electric after many many years. I could never make a perfect pav or baked choux pastry items in gas either. I always wondered if it was because gas heat is a " damp " not a dry heat?
Have no problems with electric now.

cgvl, Aug 26, 4:54am
Shazzie10 a quick calc re Fahrenheit 350F is the same or very close to 180C. It's years since I used a gas oven but from memory yes you do cook some stuff at the top of the oven. I suggest you search on here for a gas cooking book which will help you to get things right. Also gas used to be in Marks from 1-10 not in temperatures.

shazzie10, Dec 3, 6:17pm
Thank you for your help Wheelz & cgvl. There are no marks in the oven and I was looking for them. I'm not sure if the oven in old or not. Not sure I will be going gas in the new kitchen. Thanks again. Appreciate your time.

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