Heat pad for gas oven

lulu239, Nov 11, 12:39am
I am wanting to make another Christmas cake and this particular recipe says to stand the tin on a magazine. I can't say I really want to do that (turn my back and I'll have a fire!) One suggestion was that I put the tin in a roasting pan or on a tray. The other suggestion was to use a heating pad (they used to be asbestos). Can anyone help me with ideas please!

datoofairy, Nov 11, 12:40am
What about a terracotta tile, from Mitre 10 or a gardening place!

datoofairy, Nov 11, 12:45am
This link talks about using terracotta. I know you arent making pizza but they do say they leave the tiles in when cooking and baking.

tullyann, Nov 14, 8:40am
Farmers are selling Pizza Stones cheep as at the Moment

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