Pav roll with almond slivers/chopped nuts

floralsun, Dec 1, 5:11am
Bumping for 2015 :-)

mandie5, Dec 21, 9:48am
hi does anyone have a recipe for a pav roll that you sprinkle almond slivers or chopped nuts on top before cooking it?
I used to have it and you covered it with a damp tea towel once it came out of the oven before it was filled and rolled. thanks

fifie, Dec 22, 12:49am
My pav roll always a hit with either almonds or toasted coconut on top and a dusting of icing sugar before slicing to serve.
Oven baked pav roll,Heat oven to 160c
4 Egg Whites ( room temperature not from fridge)
1 cup Castor sugar
1 Teaspoon Vanilla
1 Teaspoon vinegar
1 Tablespoon Cornflour.
Pinch salt. Beat whites and salt till stiff slowly add sugar beat well till thick and glossy fold in vanilla,vinegar,cornflour.
Put mixture carefully into a sponge roll tin lined with baking paper spread out to even thickness roughly, if using slivered almonds sprinkle on now. Bake for 10-15 mins till golden.
Take a cake rack
and put a piece of greasproof paper on it sprinkle with toasted coconut if using, With oven mitts hold the tin and paper at sides and gently flip pav over onto the
greaseproof paper on rack it will slide out of your tin. Peel paper off gently and let cool about 20 mins or so. Whip cream spread on pav then sprinkle your fav filling in it, i like strawberries or peaches and passion fruit pulp, and roll up gently transfer by sliding onto serving plate putting join at bottom. (don't over fill or it won't roll nicely) Chill well, just before serving dust top with sieved icing sugar and slice.

245sam, Dec 22, 12:51am
Is this any help mandie5. It's from the former Trade Me Cooks.

"Pavlova roll
Use your usual pavlova recipe. and spread the mix on baking paper in a swiss roll tin - if you want, the mix can be spread more thinly into two slice tins. Sprinkle coconut on the top of the mix - it will toast as the pav cooks and become a lovely light brown. Cook the pav at 150°C for JUST 15 minutes. While that is cooking, place a piece of lunch paper or baking paper on your bench. Sprinkle caster sugar or coconut over this. When the pav is ready, turn it upside down onto the caster sugar. Gently peel the baking paper off. Use the lunch paper to help roll the pav into a roll - like a sponge roll. You can do this from the side or the end, depending on the size dish you'll serve it on. Leave rolled together till the pav is cold. Then unroll it carefully. Spread well drained crushed pineapple (or your favourite fresh or preserved fruit) over the surface, and then some whipped cream. Roll the pav up gently again - small splits will happen - they add to the effect. and place onto a serving dish. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate till needed. This can be made the day before needed. When serving, slice cross-wise or diagonally. and place on dishes.
You could make a berry couli to serve this with. Use a can or jar of your favourite berries. Drain the juice through a sieve, then press the pulp through so the seeds are removed. Sweeten the pulp to taste and refrigerate till needed. Or place half the juice and pulp in a microwave bowl - add a little cornflour and sugar to taste and stir to blend. Heat in the microwave stirring often, till the juices have thickened. Stir well and mix the remaining juices well into this. test for sweetness. Leave to cool. Place a swirl of this onto a plate, then offset a slice of the pavlova roll. Enjoy!
I did this for a 50th Wedding Anniversary party and it looked great and worked very well. Make a double pavlova recipe. Place baking paper on an oven tray, and spread the pavlova mix right across the rectangle of the tray, leaving about 3cm around each edge to allow for expansion when cooking. Your Pav. will then be rectangle in shape. Spread it so it's the same height right across the tray. Bake as per a one pavlova recipe directions. Once the Pav. is cold, you can place the whole tray in the freezer until the day it's needed if you want - they freeze very well without cream. When decorating, leave the Pav. on the paper on the tray - just neaten the edges of the paper - and serve it from there. To decorate: Spread whipped cream right across the top of the pavlova. Now cut the pav into smallish squares - and then decorate each square. I used slices of Kiwifruit on half the squares, and a strawberry that I cut so it would fan out, on the other half of the squares. I had the kiwifruit on one corner, then strawberries diagonally across for the next three squares, then kiwifruit for the next angle, etc. till it was all decorated. It looks great when the decorations run diagonally like that. And it's easy to serve, and you'll definitely impress!
Here's a way to serve a pavlova on the same dish as it's cooked on. Second hand shops or garage sales sometimes have the glass microwave turntables available cheaply - I bought one for 50c. They're ovenproof - so you can pile your pav mix on one of those, spread it out till it's a little smaller than the size of the turntable (they usually spread slightly while cooking) and bake as per the recipe. Leave on the plate and decorate as you wish. and. enjoy!" - to be continued.

245sam, Dec 22, 12:52am
continued from #4
"Pavlova Variations: Coconut Macaroon Pavlova
Add 1/2 to 1 cup of coconut to the mix when beating it. bake as per the recipe. it will be a firmer mix. and still taste very good.

Pavlova Variations: Chocolate Pavlova
Melt 100gms of your favourite chocolate with 25 gms butter. mix together and leave till just cool but not set. Beat this through the pavlova mix once the 15 minutes is up - or create a marbled effect by folding it through lightly. Bake as per the recipe.

Pavlova Variations: Lemon or Orange Pavlova
Add the finely grated rind of one lemon or orange to the mix at the beginning of beating, plus use the juice from the orange or lemon in place of the vinegar and 1 tablespoon of the water in the recipe. Bake as per the recipe. Coconut is nice added to this too. or fold chocolate through an orange pavlova mix for a jaffa flavoured result.

Pavlova Variations: Almond Pavlova
Add 1/2 to 1 tsp of almond essence to the mix before beating. Once the mix is spread out on the baking paper or dish, and ready to go into the oven, sprinkle the top with slivered almonds and bake with these on top. Just delicious! Chocolate could be folded through this too.

Pavlova Variations: Caramel Pavlova
Add an extra teaspoon of vanilla and use brown sugar instead of the white sugar. bake as per the recipe. slivered almonds can be sprinkled across the top for this too. or chocolate can be folded through. yum!
all recipes & tips posted by juliewn"

Hope that helps. :-))

kaddiew, Dec 22, 1:55am
Is a pavlova roll usually rolled up from the short side or the long side? Some recipes state long side, others short. I can imagine 2 quite different looking results. Thanks!

joojanna, Dec 22, 5:02am
I just use my normal pav. recipe and depending on whether I want a long roll or a short roll is how I roll it. I've never done this version before but, I was given a recipe where you use the yolks to make a lemon filling as in a lemon meringue pie to fill an ordinary pav. with. Sounds a bit too sweet I think.

joojanna, May 21, 7:12pm
Wow! they all sound delicious.

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