Merry Christmas to all of the Recipes People !

fetish, Dec 24, 7:24pm
I don't come in here nearly as much as I should, but I'd like to wish all the wonderful people in this friendly corner of TradeMe, old and new a wonderful Christmas Day. I hope Santa brought all of you what you wanted, I know my kitchens got a few new toys in it, which hopefully will get me cooking more in 2011 !

Eat Drink & Be Merry (and have a sober driver !!) Enjoy today for all the right reasons & have some good times with family & friends (who hopefully bought you your new kitchen toy !)

Love to you all

dezzie, Dec 24, 7:54pm
Merry Christmas Eden, and all the recipe folks, have a great new year and eat so much you need a nap after!!

fisher, Dec 24, 7:55pm
Hi Fetish... Seasons greeting to you and yours.... More fishing gear for me :} and perfumes and shoes for Kathy...
Gonna cook my 14 pounder snapper slabs on the BBQ for entre'
My early planted jersies ended up the size of oranges but that's oks.. :}All good here in the far north and I hope all you cookies have a great day, surrounded by friends and family..
Hope the New Year can leave NZ disaster free and best wishes to all those folks affected ...

griffo4, Dec 24, 7:55pm
Merry Christmas Fetish and everyone else in here hope you have a great Christmas with family and friends

All my baking for today came from recipes that so many posted so a big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed their lovely recipes and hints

Merry Christmas

purplegoanna, Dec 24, 8:40pm
Yes Merry Christmas everyone.......ive kicked low carb to the door for the day and have had a wine spritzer & trifle for brekky....

cookessentials, Dec 24, 11:21pm
Merry Christmas Eden
No kitchen gadgets for me ( for obvious reasons LOL) but a bird bath which I was wanting for the garden and the Judy ench book and the new Dawn French a good excuse for a lay on the bed and a good read. Bought a joint present ofa lovely watercolour which we had framed fromour local gallery of a nice rural Wairarapa scene complete with old farm sheds etc...looks lovely at the front door. My two boys have gone for a blat in the sports car as Adam has not been in it before, so they have disappeared for an hour or so while I shower and tidy up. We are havinng our meal at dinner time for a change.

winnie231, Dec 24, 11:38pm
Merry Christmas everyone!
May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey plump,
May your potatoes and gravy
Have nary a lump.
May your spuds be delicious
And your pav take the prize,
And may your Christmas dinner
Stay off your thighs!

nfh1, Dec 25, 1:14am
Merry Christmas to everyone and an absolutely fantastic 2011.

greerg, Dec 25, 1:28am
Merry Christmas to all recipes posters - I hope ypur day is relaxing and delicious.Supposedly had small lunch at home anfd out to dinner but desperately full already AND the turkey dinner at home is not until tomorrow night!I hope some of you have exercised more restraint than I have.