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bootsnall1, May 3, 10:58pm
another alternative to butter that is yummy... ... hubby and son love the mash with butter need a healthier choice

karenz, May 3, 11:24pm
Mashed potato with olive oil is really nice, I also add salt flakes after the potato has cooked rather than add to the cooking water. A good variation to this is to cook beetroot then dice and toss through some balsamic vinegar, then add this to the mashed potato with olive oil in a swirly pattern. (ie randomly so it looks like boysenberry swirl icecream)

vintagekitty, May 3, 11:27pm
I use sour cream and chives or parsley, salt and cracked pepper

fisher, May 3, 11:29pm
Mashed Potatoes
My Favourite Cut up a small onion and dice finely. Place raw onions in spuds when mashing. .

(a) Add half a pkt of maggi onion soup to the potatoes, mash as usual then add 1 tbsp of whole grain mustard and mix thru.
(b) Try olive oil and crushed garlic through your mashed potato instead of butter and milk.
(c) Grated tasty cheese and diced raw onion in mashed potatoes for tasty difference. Or use 2 spring onions.
(d) Boil a good size piece of pumpkin with the potatoes. . Mash altogether for nice colour and different subtle flavour.
(e) Boil some kumara with the potatoes. . Mash altogether for nice colour and different subtle flavour.
(f) Add silver beet half way through to the potatoes as they cook. Then mash all together. .
(g) Add cabbage half way through to the potatoes as they cook. Add black pepper and then mash all together... Ideal with corn beef and mustard sauce. .
(h) Add 1/2 cup finely chopped parsley while mashing.
(i) Add 2 tbsp of sundried tomatoes and 2 tbsp of chopped basil.
(j) Add 2 rashers of chopped cooked bacon and a dash of tabasco sauce...
(k) Add 1 ~ 2 tbsp each of Thai green curry paste and chopped parsley. .

jubre, May 3, 11:53pm
Buzzy would tell you that Butter is a very health thing to put into the potatoes. Butter is a natural fat, full of vitamin A and will pass directly through your body. It will not make you fat, as we have been told in the past.

bootsnall1, May 3, 11:56pm
thanks everyone have lots of ideas... .

margyr, May 4, 12:06am
if you really, really mash and mash your spuds they dont need milk, or butter, the longer you mash the creamier they get.

greerg, May 4, 2:28am
Lite cream cheese and garlic

bananna15, May 4, 4:01am
garlic and spring onion is a good mix.

I also add mustard to my mash for a bit of zing

elliehen, May 4, 4:05am
I mash a little wasabi paste into mine :)

poppy62, May 4, 4:29am
Cream cheese! Yummy and some spring onions.

sylvia, May 4, 9:08am
i'm like margyr - don't use butter or marg now, only milk and you can't taste the difference. I also add pepper for extra flavour.

beaker59, May 5, 6:59am
I usually add pumkin and kumara to my potato to sweeten and lighten the texture. But yes butter and milk are my favorite.

chutney, May 5, 7:06am
Add some light evaporated milk and grated nutmeg. Very nice and creamy without the fattening bit.

pr1ncesswst, May 5, 7:31am
I have never added butter to my mashed potatoes just milk. My dad is the old school though and uses a pile of butterYUCK

aphra1, May 5, 7:45am
Pumpkin here... adds a buttery flavour.

uli, May 5, 8:30am
Well I personally think that butter IS the healthier choice LOL :)

cookessentials, May 5, 8:32am
Basil pesto is a nice alternative as well.

elliehen, May 5, 8:43am
Steamed broccoli through the mash... delicious... .

ted., May 6, 7:05am
Definately onion and garlic sauteed then put into the mash yumbo

pgta, May 6, 7:09am
The washed potatoes you get these days are sort of watery. I just add grated cheese and don't put milk in.


animas1, May 6, 7:12am
raw onion only way to go

elliehen, May 6, 7:23am
Tried fisher's onion soup and whole grain mustard... scrumptious! Refreshing not to have anyone come in and say that Maggi was a lethal weapon ;)Thanks everyone for all the helpful suggestions.

animas1, May 6, 7:42am
yes and loved it

spongeypud, May 6, 10:12pm
Yes olive oil is good in mashed spuds. Lately I've been adding a large clove of garlic to my potato water when boiling spuds (You'll probably need more for three peole all depends of course how much tyou like garlic), and after you drain the spuds and dried them on the heat, I add plenty of finely chopped fresh rosemary, it's delicious.

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