Recipes using mashed banana?

melandco, Sep 8, 1:34am
Anybody have any?I currently have a whole heap of muffins in the oven and thought of making a banana cake as well but I know my family won't eat it as cake as well as the muffins. *sigh*

I have about 2 cups of mashed narnie left...

245sam, Sep 8, 1:46am
melandco, how about freezing the mashed banana and you'll have it all ready for another time and another batch of muffins or a banana cake?otherwise I suggest a banana steamed pudding or another dessert suggestion is an apple sponge pudding with the topping being a banana-spongy mix.:-))

Edited to add another thought i.e. make and freeze the banana cake.:-))

nigel1300, Sep 8, 1:48am
Mashed banana is a nice addition to a curry if that happens to be on the menu.

melandco, Sep 8, 1:50am
Thanks folks, I had thought about freezing the banana but thought it may go the same way as the mashed kiwifruit I have in the freezer....sitting there forever! lol

I may just do up a curry for tomorrow as we're all fans.I had never thought of adding banana to one so it'll be a new experience for us.

wildflower, Sep 8, 3:57am
Banana toasted sandwiches - yum!

fishaboy, Mar 6, 12:45am
Hey Mel I've got a banana cocnut loaf, uses 1 banana always handy for a quick whip up.

1 mashed banana, 1 cup self raise flour, 1/2tsp cinnamon, 1 cup coconut, 3/4cup caster sugar, 3/4 cup milk. Mix all dry then mix the milk and banana together then add to dry ingrediants.Bake 35 mins at 190.

Good base recipe to add other bits to it.