How to turn mashed potato into...

v0rtrex, Jun 13, 4:25am
... something more. I had steak, mushrooms and mashed potato the other night and it was glorious... . mushrooms pan fried with a little butter and milk but the mashed potato was just that... mashed potato. Any ideas on how to zizz it up a bit but still keeping in context of this particular meal?

karenz, Jun 13, 4:28am
Use olive oil instead of butter and milk, also add a garlic clove to the cooking water and sprinkle salt flakes through during the mashing process not the cooking process.

brish, Jun 13, 4:28am
You could mash a little grated cheese into it, or cream. Whole mustard grains go well in mashed potato too. Chopped parsely is another option, or other herbs, if it takes your fancy.

baxter17, Jun 13, 4:34am
you could also
cook pumpkin with potato and mash all together very yummy

margyr, Jun 13, 4:44am
finely diced onion, also celery, use sour cream and butter.

fisher, Jun 13, 4:48am
Mashed Potatoes
My Favourite... Cut up a small onion and dice finely. Place raw onions in spuds when mashing...
(a) Add half a pkt of maggi onion soup to the potatoes, mash as usual then add 1 x tbsp of whole grain mustard and mix thru.
(b) Try olive oil and crushed garlic through your mashed potato instead of butter and milk.
(c) Grated tasty cheese and diced raw onion in mashed potatoes for tasty difference. Or use 2 x spring onions.
(d) Boil a good size piece of pumpkin with the potatoes Mash altogether for nice colour and different subtle flavour.
(e) Boil some kumara with the potatoes Mash altogether for nice colour and different subtle flavour.
(f) Add silver beet half way through to the potatoes as they cook. Then mash all together.
(g) Add cabbage half way through to the potatoes as they cook. Add black pepper and then mash all together. Ideal with corn beef and mustard sauce
(h) Add 1/2 cup finely chopped parsley while mashing.
(i) Add 2 tbsp of sundried tomatoes and 2 tbsp of chopped basil.
(j) Add 2 rashers of chopped cooked bacon and a dash of tabasco sauce.
(k) Add 1 ~ 2 tbsp each of Thai green curry paste and chopped parsley

korbo, Jun 13, 4:55am
mmmm, i am hungry, cant wait to try some of these ideas

kandi_gurl, Jun 13, 5:13am
Mash lots of potato, add tub cream cheese (light) small finely diced onion tip into greased dish, sprinkle with paprika and dot over with butter or margarine, put in oven to brown, delish, favourite! ! Nice with creamy chicken curry.

mctavi, Jun 13, 5:17am
Don't mash with a masher - beat it with electric beaters! And use cream instead of milk, and add (fresh) garlic just before you've finished boiling them... honestly, beating them makes an amazing difference!

bees939, Jun 13, 5:26am
if you've got any plain yoghurt lying around (unsweetened) you could put that in too.

jag5, Jun 13, 6:34am
And... ... if just mashing with butter and milk... . heat the milk first. Makes a huge difference.

karenz, Jun 13, 6:56am
Another really good mix is to shred and about 3/4 cook cabbage (I do this in the microwave) so it is still a bit crunchy, mix in some butter and fennel seeds (if you like them) and add this to potatoes mashed with butter and milk. This is really nice with corned beef as well or used as a topping for sliced corned beef and baked in the oven with a little cheese grated over the top.

char87, Jun 13, 7:47am
ok i am surprised that no one has said to mash them with a raw egg, this gives the potato a creamy fluuy texture. i add salt and pepper to the cooking of it and when mashing add egg a little butter chopped bacon onion and cheese. To fancy this up a bit roll into balls and then into breadcrumbs and bake slowly till outside is crisp.

unicstudent, Jun 13, 8:44am
To fancy this up a bit roll into balls and then into breadcrumbs and bake slowly till outside is crisp.


Ditto char87 - and you can also do this with 'plain' mashed potato too - doesn't have to have all the extra bits although they make it extra tasty, just make sure mixture is not too soggy

Can also just spoon (or pipe) into interesting shapes on a tray and bake till golden.

kcak, Jun 13, 11:42pm
I do this with leftover mashed potato - mix with finely chopped onion, grated cheese, an egg, salt & pepper. Put into a dish (more grated cheese can be sprinkled over) and bake until golden. It's also yummy with potato, kumara & pumpkin mashed together.

speedy_11, Jun 13, 11:56pm
Mash with sour cream and fresh chopped chives instead of butter and milk.

lythande1, Aug 3, 11:08pm
Adding stuff to it as has been suggested. Or pipe it into swirls and bake it. Or pipe swirls and put something (grated cheese or bacon bits) on top of the swirls.