Pork hock recipes

charlygirl1, Mar 5, 9:43pm
any one got any pork hock recipes please

davidt4, Mar 5, 10:40pm

bisloy, Mar 5, 10:46pm
I just roast mine long and slow then crank it up at the end to crackle. Rub on a little oil and sprinkle over some crazy salt and smokey BBQ rub. Add veges towards the end and yummy meal is done!

karenz, Mar 6, 1:06am
I just lightly score them and rub sesame oil and five spice in then slow roast along with pumpkin and kumara, also sprinkled with sesame oil and fivespice.Makes a nice gravy too with a dash of soy sauce and a sprinkle of powdered garlic.

davidt4, Jun 9, 1:58am