beurrevaleur, Jan 7, 5:10am
Can I cook it like a roast pork belly!
In oven at 220+ for half an hour then roast at 180.
So I get crackle and tender meat!

Can't find anything like this on the net.

beaker59, Jan 7, 5:30am
yes you sure can just be aware if they are small they can dry out, I like them this way and its how I remember having them at the Hofbrauhaus in Munchen though they were very big hocks almost like a sunday roast and very meaty with a big stein of lager bier an unbeatable meal.

ggmd, Jan 7, 3:09pm
Score the skin and season, put on a rack in a roasting tin, cook (uncovered) on a low heat-160c for an hour & turn & cook for a further 30mins, remove from oven, turn oven up to 220c,remove skin, cut it into smaller pieces, put back on rack with hock, season both with sea salt & cook for a further 15-20 mins for crispy crackling and a succulent sticky pork hock. Cooking times will vary slightly based on your weight and/or quantity of hocks.Spanish smoked paprika-dulce/sweet, works very well or my personal favourite, a mix of white pepper, nutmeg, mace, & clove.

I would drop your cooking temp. on the secondary cooking of your belly pork to 160c and give it longer in the oven, it will just melt when you eat it.

timturtle, Jan 7, 8:28pm
Here's Al Browns recipe, ignore all the fancy stuff, about half way down is the roasting of the hock, basically the same as you are doing it. Cheers