Ham hock vs pork hock

phoenix10111, May 28, 9:01am
Hi. I have a recipe for ham hock soup, but I can never seem to be able to buy ham hocks, I only see pork hocks. Are these the same thing! TIA

jessie981, May 28, 9:34am
Think they are. Ham/Pork same meat, same hoof.

245sam, May 28, 9:40am
phoenix10111, IMO ham hocks and pork hocks are NOT the same thing - a pork hock would be unprocessed in any way other than being cut from the pig carcass while a ham hock would be cured in the same way that a leg ham is cured while a pork leg for roasting is not cured at all.

Suggestion.If you simply can't find a ham hock, look instead for a bacon hock and if all else fails, you should be able to find bacon bones which I have yet to try for soup - I have some in the freezer to try but my understanding from here on the MB is that bacon bones tend to be saltier than bacon hock so this should be remembered otherwise one's soup could be too salty.

Hope that helps.:-))

phoenix10111, May 28, 10:12am
Thanks 245sam. I did wonder if the difference might be in the curing process. My SIL lives in Wellington and can buy ham hocks, just can't seem to find them in CHCH.Will talk to the butcher and see what they suggest as an alternative.

suzanna, May 28, 11:00am
Phoenix I have regularly bought them from Northlands PnS. They're in a bit of an odd place in the 'bargain' end of the unit just opposit where the butter/marg are. I go there especially for them as they are extremely meaty and not expensive and freeze well. My son has often made his lunch from one before it's hit the soup pot. I should clarify that these are from the deli's carved ham.

phoenix10111, May 28, 7:51pm
Thanks Suzanna, that's brilliant, I'll check PnS out.

beaker59, May 28, 10:07pm
Pork hocks make really nice soup too, I roast them first in a hot oven (I do make a snack of the crackling :) then proceed in the usual way, delicious.

porka1, May 29, 5:41am
Ask a butcher who makes their own bacon.They are getting as popular as lamb shanks .Superior too but then I am biased

bvalc, May 29, 5:47am
Try www.longflatbacon.co.nz.Make the most fabulous bacon and ham, make all their own sausages, and small goods like salami, chorizo, kransky, and black pudding.

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