Pork hock

suziebee, Oct 11, 9:13am
I would like to slow roast a pork hock, any advice would be welcome.

wildbee, Oct 11, 9:41am
i would suggest using a slow cooker if you have onebut one could sucessfully cook it low an slow in the oven on 130-150 for 2-3 hrs depending on its size

suziebee, Oct 11, 9:52am
I wouild like to use the slow cooker but the husband is not keen, could I put the potatoes in at the same time!

wildbee, Oct 11, 9:57am
presume you are cooking it in the oven then, one could put the potatoes in at the same time yes. i have always done that as i cook all my roasts low and slow.

suziebee, Oct 11, 10:17am
Thanks for the help.

mwood, Oct 11, 12:11pm
brine it overnight in 50/50 sugar/salt - say couple of tablespoonsof each and enough water to cover it - they are small so if you want to roast root vege the parboil the vege first - put it all in the pan with a light spray of oil and 1/2 cup of water - allow 1 1/2 to 2 hours at 200 c - turning once - crispy and golden with moist inside.

beaker59, Oct 11, 3:13pm
Sounds good to me, I once had one in the Hofbrauhaus in Munchen Bavaria which was moist and sticky inside and crisp crackling all over the outside and like allot of german food more like a sunday roast for the whole family than a snack for one it is one of my favourite food memories must go back one day. Mind you I had drunk half a dozen of those massive stiens of bier first and was a tad tipsy singing drinking songs with a bunch of germans and the Melbourne Storm Leauge team, what a night.

sarahj1, Oct 12, 1:49am
I got a craving for crispy roast pork hock after watching the German episode of Food Safari.The recipe here is great: http://www.sbs.com.au/food/foodsafarirecipe/index/id/622/n/Pork_knuckle_and_potato_dumplings

You can watch video of the episode too.Lots of salt rubbed well into the skin is part of the secret to getting it crispy

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