Corned Pork Hock pieces.

aglarana, Jul 29, 2:34am
Apart from soup is there anything else I can do with them!

tehenga288, Jul 29, 2:43am
Can cook like a piece of pickled porkhave hot with vege or cold with a salad or on sandwiches

aglarana, Jul 29, 2:46am
That's the problem. It's 2 pork hocks that have cut into osso bucco style shank pieces. Not sure how pork would go in an Osso Bucco. :(

tehenga288, Jul 29, 3:34am
I'd give Osso Bucco a try because pickled pork has a lovely flavour - just don't add any salt to start with. You could stillcook the pieces just like corned beef and haveit cold .

groomingtools, Jul 30, 8:37pm
New World Recipe site - Chinese Pork Hocks.After roasting I put in the crockpot.With your pork I would not roast first.The flavour is devine

korbo, Jul 31, 9:32am
I bought 2 of these, and put them in the crockpot, with a chopped onion and apple, and 2 small bottles of gingerale.
5hrs on low.
the meat just fell off the bone, they were absolutly delicious.and so cheap.$6.00

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