Pork hock

virea, Sep 11, 3:22am
Would like to know if a fresh pork hock cooked in a slow cooker would be nice? Also how to go about it.

margyr, Sep 11, 6:39am
I have got a pork hock -need help with it. Started by susievb on Fri 13 Aug

ritario, Sep 11, 6:44am
Do mine with a 1.5 ltr bottle of dry ginger ale,nothing else,so yummy.Bon Appertite.

cookessentials, Sep 11, 6:44am
I have never done a fresh one, just a deli one which I do in the crock pot for soup.

poppy62, Sep 11, 9:25am
I often use a pork hock as a mini roast dinner for one.They are much nicer this was because then you get the crackling to munch on too - if it is done in the slow cooker, you end up with alot of slimy fat that you normaly throw out.

trading_gibsons, Sep 11, 9:29am
yummy that sounds nice, think I'll try that

sultana0, Sep 12, 3:00am
Gonna try this one, thanks

ritario, Mar 15, 4:00pm
Depends on the size of the hocks,but i normally use two.You can also do corned beef the same way and that is so yummy.