I have got a pork hock -need help with it.

susievb, Aug 13, 3:32am
If I manage to take the skin off can I make crakling? and how do I do that?

and how do the cook the hock?

alfredtonroad, Aug 13, 4:09am
treat in the same way as a bacon hock. boil until meat falls off bone & place in fridge overnight to cool. remove fat, skin & bone, use meat to make soup by adding veges & seasoning. pork hock looks ideal for roasting but apparently not suitable i have been told.

kirinesha, Aug 13, 4:14am
Spicy Pork Hocks

This is not a glamourous looking dish but it's wildly spicy and full of rich complex flavours (my husband knows the way to my heart! ). The fat is removed from the meat towards the end as it doesn't crisp up due to the cooking process. Perfect with a simple vegetable to the side or cauli-rice.


2 large pork hocks
200ml soy sauce
200ml chicken stock
100ml wine
2 inches ginger, peeled and sliced
2 garlic cloves, bashed
2 star anise
Chilli - to taste! Start with 3 and work up from there (we like 10! )
2T Brown sugar - optional


Heat oven to about 150-160C
Throw everything into a roasting tin, cover with foil
Roast for 2 1/2 hours, turning once about halfway through
Remove foil and cook for another 2 hours
Baste with cooking juices every half hour
Remove most of the fat after the first hour and baste again
Take meat off the bone
Strain the liquid and use as sauce, thickening if needed

kirinesha, Aug 13, 4:44am
And here's another one we like...

Slow Roast Pork Hocks with Chinese 5 Spice

This is more a method than a recipe!

Take 1 pork hock per person.

Slash the fat/skin area and rub in salt and a generous amount of Chinese 5 spice.

Place in a high sided dish and cover with foil, bake 2 hours at 180C, then uncover, add your veges and turn up to 200C for another hour.

If the crackling doesn't crackle then turn up for final blast at 220-240C...

Make gravy to suit your own taste.

rainrain1, Aug 13, 4:57am
You won't get very nice crackling from a pork hock as there is hardly any fat. Just roast it slowly in the oven with a bit of fat if you wish, it will be beautiful just cooked in it's own juices.

susievb, Aug 13, 6:22am
Thank you for your suggestions

kirinesha, Aug 13, 6:25am
You are very welcome :)

margyr, Aug 13, 6:29am
i see that cobb and co are doing pork shanks now, so like the lamb shanks the price of them will probably sky rocket.

beaker59, Aug 13, 6:38am
I once had a pork Hock in the Hofbrauhaus(sp? ) Munchen Bayern it had gorgeous crackling and was very very nice to wash down all that Bier :) always wondered how they did that but seemed to be just roastedit was huge though and quite a meal with the sourkraut and dumpling it came with.

kirinesha, Aug 13, 6:40am
Pork hocks are wonderful! I remember my first one at VBG in Parnell. A revelation!

karenz, Aug 13, 6:50am
I just score it lightly and rub in sesame oil and sprinkle salt over then roast on a medium heat, sadly I too think it will folllow lamb shanks in going from a cheap and tasty option to an expensive one. The skin get a little bit crisp but not like proper crackling. I also sprinkle the sesame oil over the veggies. This makes a really tasty gravy with a dash of soy sauce and a little cornflour and water.

cuddles3, Aug 13, 6:55am
For people on there own a pork hock is a good sized roast meal rather than cooking up or paying for a full pork roast.

toadfish, Aug 13, 7:03am
We saw them in Germany as well and always regreted not tasting it... then several years ago we sawa Peta Mathias cooking programme & her going to a restaurant somewhere near Albany... and them serving them... so we went... can't remember the name but they were delicious... served with a big sharp knife stabbed in it... I also remember bringing home a doggy bag and us all having pork sandwiches the next day.

poppy62, Jan 22, 7:42am
We cook our hocks as mini roasts - they are so scrummy!