My new frying pan suggests using potoato

white_elephant, Jan 15, 9:54pm
peelings in oil to season it, I don't have any potoatoes at the moment, what else would do the trick, it's a good french one and I want to look after it.

uli, Jan 15, 9:56pm
What sort of frying pan is it to need "seasoning"?

white_elephant, Jan 15, 10:13pm
Its a deBuyer Crepe Acier Steel Pan. It says on it 2mm thick steel ensures excellent heat diffusion, this pan is suitable for use with strong heat sources. I've no what it is worth because I bought it brand new from a opp shop.

uli, Jan 16, 12:22am
Very lucky lady you are :)

I am sure you can season it with just the oil - forget the potato peels!

buzzy110, Jan 16, 12:47am
Like uli says, I am not sure what the purpose of the potato peel is. I know that added salt helps to clean off the machining grease that new pans of this sort are covered with to stop them rusting before purchase.

I assume the potato peel serves a similar function but not 100% certain. You could just wash the pan in vinegar and warm soapy water to clean away that grease then season by putting some cooking oil, lard or even kremelta, if you use that, into the pan and heating it till it is quite hot. Leave to cool then wipe out any excess 'grease' with paper towels and you should be good to go. You can add salt to the seasoning oil if you want.

margyr, Jan 16, 12:50am
if the new frying pan suggests potato then that is what I would be using. wait to season and do it as the instructions say.

lythande1, Jan 16, 1:43am
The potato is irrelevant.
The point is to develop the carbon patination. That's all.

buzzy110, Jan 16, 1:46am
I agree.

cookessentials, Jan 16, 9:53am
They are good pans. You would season them the same way you would season a black steel pan.

evorotorua, Jan 16, 6:35pm

I thought this was interesting so I searched on line and found this link from the manufacturer website. Go to about page 5 for the English. Hope it helps.

lenart, Feb 19, 8:24am
I had the same question about potato peelings. Manufacturer recommends on the packaging to boil potato peelings in the water for 15 min, then pour it out, wash with hot water, dry well and then season with oil. I did this, but then email de Buyer because I didn't find anything on their site about potatoes. Got their reply: "The method with the potato peelings gives a better result but is hardly applicable for low-skirted pans and is not as clean and convenient as the one with the oil." Would agree with them, my first crepe pan was seasoned really well and first crepes did't stick at all.

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