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maandpa2b, Apr 7, 5:18am
I have some used deep frying oil (Canola) and want to know if I can still use it to fry steak. Is it still good?

jessie981, Apr 7, 5:46am
fine strain it if it has bits in.

uli, Apr 7, 7:33am
Really - that is all it takes?

hestia, Apr 10, 5:01am
If you continually re-heat polyunsaturated oils, then they will turn into trans fats.

rainrain1, Apr 10, 6:45am
It will be OK if it has only been used once or twice, otherwise throw it out, Apr 10, 6:51am
Its not even safe to use the first time round!

rainrain1, Apr 10, 7:14am
Why not?

rainrain1, Apr 10, 7:18am

rainrain1, Apr 10, 7:28am
please answer me

jessie981, Apr 10, 7:29am
And your point is?

rainrain1, Apr 10, 7:39am
Looks like you're OK #1, go for it! !

uli, Apr 10, 7:41am
My point is that it is not safe to use seed oils for deep frying in the first place - let alone re-cycle them by just "sieving" them.

And then use them for something like frying steaks - where you might eat most of the fat in the process.

However I am giving up giving advice here. Please do google it and learn. Everytime I say something on here I am made to look stupid and ridiculous. So yep - just google.

st_allie, Apr 10, 7:45am
you make valid contributions to this forum uli.

Please don't allow yourself to be forced out.

uli, Apr 10, 7:48am
Be careful what you post - some others have left for other forums after posting this about me ...
but thanks anyway ...

rainrain1, Apr 10, 7:50am
It wouldn't hurt to use it once or twice if you had nothing else though.

buzzy110, Apr 10, 7:54am
Oh. Ignorance is bliss isn't it. #1 follow rainrain's advice. I mean it's not as if she/he has ever bothered to pop into Food Lies and read about trans fats, hydrogenated oils, the chemicals used to extract oil, bleaching and then deodorising of oils to make them acceptably pale and to hide that they are in fact rancid.

The answer to the question would take, oh about 6 weeks and 500 pages of information and that is ridiculous.

So I reason it out thus. If you have blithely gone ahead and used the oil with gay abandon then you may as well just strain it and reuse it. It has already started the harm process so what is a little more?

The people in here advising against its use entirely, - well we are often dismissed as 'purists' or 'the food police' and we are often invoked when people give unsafefood advice, health wise and don't want to be questioned on it., Apr 10, 7:55am
Its ok to drive to the dairy without your seatbelt on too, I mean the chances of something happening are slim eh.

rainrain1, Apr 10, 7:57am
One must laugh in here or one would end up crying :-) :-) :-), Apr 10, 8:01am
One bloody well would eh! ... hehe I suggest thou if you are in any way interested you read up on "Industrial Veggie Oils"

Canola (rape seed) oil for instance is more widely used as a pesticide than a cooking oil :o)

buzzy110, Apr 10, 8:03am
Sorry rainrain. It can get quite trying when someone asks a question that would take forever to answer and the answer would make your eyes glaze over. Perhaps I should edit my reply.

rainrain1, Apr 10, 8:07am
Canola (rape seed) oil for instance is more widely used as a pesticide than a cooking oil :o)

Yep! We do the pestiside thing too ;-)
You are so way too sensitive for me... . Have a pleasant evening

st_allie, Apr 10, 8:07am
Well I am less than impressed by the level of catty nastiness in this forum.

It needs a clean up.

we are all adults. . a bit of self censorship wouldn't go amiss.

rainrain1, Apr 10, 8:09am
PSI had no intention whatsoever of being nasty, Apr 10, 8:11am
who me? sensitive? nah was just answering your Q. . cant stop ya from taking it how ever you read it thou eh.

buzzy110, Apr 10, 8:14am
Yes teacher. I did go back and edit my post at # 17 st allie so don't think too badly of me.

Slinks away, hanging head in shame.

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