Cast iron frying pan

survivorr, Dec 13, 7:59am
Has anyone got one of these and, if so, I'd be very interested to know what you think of it....:)

lilyfield, Dec 13, 8:07am
wonderful- except for their weight.

survivorr, Dec 13, 8:09am
What about the cleaning aspect?And did you follow all the "sealing" instructions when you got it?I did (for once in my life) and I don't like the 'greasy' seal it leaves.

beaker59, Dec 13, 10:20am
Once its sealed you have to age it by using it it takes a month to get nice and black with a thick rind only ever wash it with warm water and a scourer once aged and it is the best non stick you can have I have two frypans one 30 yrs old and the other about 10. I have another pan for poached eggs though.

lilyfield, Dec 13, 5:49pm
yes I seasoned it. since then I wash it in hot soapy water with scourer if needed, dry off on still warm element. and lightly oil again.Cheaper and better frypans than any others.

cookessentials, Dec 13, 5:55pm
"seasoning" the pan is a must for these pans. When you season, you need to wipe the pan outafterwards. It will take a while for it to build up it's own protective coating. When you wash it, do not use washing liquid, just good hot water and a nylon brush. Wipe out well with a paper towel. They are marvelous pans,but not everyone likes using them due to their weight,however, a well looked after pan will last for generations. You can buy pre-seasoned pans, these are the American "Lodge" cast iron which is made by the same family in the USA since the 1880's. Theyare ready to go and the seasoning is kosher.

cookessentials, Dec 13, 5:59pm
EEkkk, definately not soapy water or a scourer. Every time you use the soap, you are breaking down the seasoning that you have spent creating. Dry it well with a clean tea-towel and store in cool,dry place. The only time you use a scourer is if it gets rust on it from being put away damp. If I am not using my casserole for a while, I wipe it with a light coating of oil,then wipe out again and store with a paper towel inside it.

survivorr, Dec 13, 6:17pm
You made me smile ... instructions say (I bought mine on the weekend) ... not to use scourer and definitely not soapy water!.... just goes to show it can be done .... however, I've decided to follow the instructions that came with the pan.:)

cgvl, Dec 13, 7:54pm
I seasoned mine and give it a very light oil every now and then.

BUT I do wash it in hot soapy water, it has no bad effects on the frypan, cast iron or seal. In saying that I always heat it a little to make sure properly dry before putting away and oil again if necessary.

I too have a seperate pan for poached eggs, actually a cheap one from Briscoes which is great.

otterhound, Dec 14, 10:24am
Won't cook my steak in anything else!And I agree about never using dishwashing liquid on it - have even given the other half strict instructions to that effect.=)

beaker59, Dec 14, 11:12am
With a fry pan if you are using it allot like I do all day sometimes a scourer is essential to keep the rind from building up too much agree about not using soap or detergent though. A pan shouldn't get rusty if used properly.

I also have a cast iron Wok that is very very good over the gas.

cookessentials, Dec 14, 1:43pm
If you are talking steelo type of If you are talking nylon brush type scourer,then perfectly acceptable.
If people do not dry properly or store in a damp area, or live by the ocean, then you can/will get rust...just use a steelo and follow the seasoning instructions and it will be as good as new.

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